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6 Benefits You Need to Know About the Knit-Rite A/K Brim Sheath

    As an above knee amputee, it's not unusual for you to experience rubbing and pinching along the top brim area of your AK prosthesis. Because of the movement of your skin in and out of your socket, rubbing along the top of your prosthetic brim is unavoidable. And if you’re not careful, excessive sweating may also increase friction along the brim, making it difficult for you to walk and lead to significant skin irritation.

    Advantages and benefits of using AK Brim Sheath

    Sometimes, gaining minimal weight—even as little as 5 pounds—can prevent you from completely inserting your skin into your socket, and the extra skin can be a source of discomfort. Thankfully, these problems can be solved by the Knit-Rite A/K Brim Sheath. Knit-Rite, Inc. created a slippery nylon sheath specifically for AK amputees like yourself. Read more below to find out what it can do for you:

    Benefits of using the Knit-Rite A/K Brim Sheath 

    1. Get complete coverage of your prosthetic socket trim lines. The A/K Brim Sheath is crafted from a stretchy, slick, nylon material that's constructed in two-angled sections. These sections allow complete coverage of your prosthetic socket trim lines. Once installed, it stays in your socket, and you'd only need to remove it for washing.
    2. Easy donning. The brim sheath uses silicone beads that allows it to remain outside of your socket and get reflected back in. This makes for easy donning of your suction or vacuum socket. 
    3. Flexible and easy to use. It works well with a locking pin liner or seal-in liner, the A/K Brim Sheath is flexible and easy to use. 
    4. Reduces friction. Because of its well-thought-out design, this brim sheath reduces friction and discomfort along the brim of your AK prosthetic socket by creating a slick interface between your socket and residual limb. 
    5. Separates your groin skin from the prosthetic socket. The weather is something we can't control, so on really hot days, you don't have to worry with an A/K brim sheath. Even if you find yourself sweating or your residual limb is swollen, the sheath will help you survive humidity.
    6. Easy to clean. A clean prosthesis is key to maintaining its condition as well as keeping your skin healthy. The sheath is also easy to clean; simply machine wash the sheath with cold water and air dry.

      When should you use the Knit-Rite A/K Brim Sheath?

      • When you’ve gained a small amount of weight. Gaining weight means having excessive skin. Use the sheath when you're unable to completely don your socket easily after several attempts.
      • To prevent skin irritation. Use when you excessively sweat or if you have an extra active lifestyle. The sheath will negate discomfort from any additional movement.
      • To avoid getting your clothes stuck. It allows your clothing to move more freely.

      Priced under $15, the Knit-Rite A/K Brim Sheath is the most economical and easy solution to prevent skin pinching. Not only will it add comfort to your above knee socket brim, but it'll also increase your comfort level and prevent skin irritation.

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