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Inclusive Fashion: Tommy Hilfiger Launches Adaptive Clothing Line

    Buying clothes that perfectly adapt to the day-to-day requirements of people with different needs can be tough. Thankfully, the fashion gods smiled upon an all-American design mogul who has certainly outdone themselves with Tommy Adaptive. The newest clothing line by Tommy Hilfiger is geared towards giving people with unique needs a fresh and stylish wardrobe without compromising on function.
    Work for this collection started in 2016, when Tommy Hilfiger collaborated with Runway of Dreams, a non-profit organization founded by Mindy Scheier—whose child has a condition called muscular dystrophy. Together, they created a clothing line that was more inclusive for children with special needs. Then starting last year, adaptive clothing for adults were released. The new collection was designed with the goal of providing people of all abilities more empowering clothing option
    Adaptive clothing line for amputees.

    IMAGE: Tommy Hilfiger

    The clothing line is characterized by how easy it is to put the pieces on. It includes essentials such as shirts, pants, shorts, dresses, and jackets that are modified for ease of use.

    Some of the notable features in the collection include:

    • Adjustable hems
    • One-handed zippers
    • Side-seam openings
    • Bungee cord closure systems
    • Adjustable waists
    • Magnetic buttons
    • Velcro
    • Easy-open necklines and expanded back openings for shirts

     Tommy hilfiger prosthetic line of clothing.
    IMAGES: Tommy Hilfiger
    Showcasing the Adaptive clothing line are some prominent and inspiring figures in the special needs community: 18-year-old Jeremiah Josey, chef with autism; Chelsie Hill, dancer, who uses a wheelchair; Jeremy Campbell, Paralympic track-and-field gold medalist; and Mama Cax, motivational speaker and blogger who dons a prosthetic leg.
    In an interview with Elle magazine, Tommy Hilfiger said that he understood and listened to the needs of these individuals. He focused on customer feedback, and made sure that significant improvements were made to suit them best.
    While the collection still has that unmistakable Tommy Hilfiger signature aesthetic, the Adaptive line is definitely more inclusive and customer-centric. Shoppers of all abilities are now able to fit pieces that are both functional and stylish, allowing them to express their personal, unique style.
    Price points start from $30 for a t-shirt up to $130 for a coat—not too cheap, but definitely worth the investment.
    This new collection signals a significant shift in the fashion industry, which was once focused on aesthetic and sheer beauty. Now it is slowly evolving to address the specific needs of a formerly underserved group of individuals. Finally, fashion has moved beyond form and function, morphing into an increasingly inclusive industry.
    Tommy Adaptive launched last April 3. You can check out its collection online.

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