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Amputee US War Veterans Inspire Dwayne Johnson's Character in Skyscraper Movie

Posted by Bryan Potok, CPO on

While there have been many hit movies and TV series that feature characters who are amputees—Forrest Gump’s Lt. Dan Taylor, Game of Thrones ‘ Jaime Lannister, and Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker—few were able to show the full physical potential and strength of an amputee. Thankfully, the drought will be over soon with Dwayne Johnson’s, aka "The Rock", upcoming movie, Skyscraper, which is slated to hit theaters in July 2018.  The Rock is about to show the general public how "badass" amputees can be.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson plays amputee action hero.

Skyscraper, produced by Johnson’s own production company, Seven Bucks Productions, tells the story of a former FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader and US war veteran Will Sawyer, who is presently employed to assess the security of skyscrapers. On a fateful assignment in China, he finds the tallest, safest building in the world suddenly engulfed in flames. Furthermore, he’s framed for it. A wanted man on the run, Will is on a mission to find those who are responsible, clear his name, and, somehow, rescue his loved ones who are trapped on the top floor of the burning mega-building.

Two years in the making, Skyscraper has already drawn comparisons to Die Hard, the classic Bruce Willis action movie also set in an office building, as well as Towering Inferno, the 1974 disaster movie that starred Paul Newman and Steve McQueen and featured a gargantuan office building swallowed up by flames.

Dwayne Johnson putting on his prosthetic leg.But aside from the guaranteed heart-stopping action scenes, central to the story is Johnson’s character, who, according to him, “is inspired by the thousands of disabled US veterans and war heroes” he has met over the years.

To prepare for this role, Johnson spent a considerable amount of time not only with the world’s top skyscraper architects, but also with US war veterans who have experienced an amputation.

Dwayne Johnson snapping into his prosthetic leg.

At a distance, the movie may seem like your usual action movie, but what makes it different (and exciting) is Johnson’s character. You may have noticed that in all of Johnson’s movies, he has always played the role of the strong, physically dominant character (i.e. San Andreas, Baywatch, and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle), considering his size and physique. But in Skyscraper, the whole world will get the chance to root for him as a prosthetic wearing  hero, who is bent on saving his beloved family no matter what.

Suspended 240 stories by his prosthetic leg.

How he uses this to his advantage--if you’ve seen Johnson dangling on his prosthetic leg 240 floors up in the trailer, we’re sure you’ve wondered about this too, he probably wishes he opted for a vacuum system at this time--remains to be seen.   

Not much information has been released about the character’s journey before and after amputation, but the trailer makes it clear that Will was able to get through the challenges of “amputee life” by turning to his family for support.

Most important, the movie is set to show everyone that what seems like a physical setback is not enough reason to sit back and watch the bad guys win. Finally, an amputee hero that is just as badass as Hollywood’s usual fare of blockbuster heroes is on his way to the big screen!

Are you looking forward to watching Skyscraper? What do you think of this new movie? Share with us your thoughts below!

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  • Skycraper is in deed one of a kind though quite unusual compaird to other the rocks movies

    Henry uchechukwu on

  • Can’t believe Hollywood making movies about me and my awesome prosthetic leg without authority from me. Lol

    Luke Connor on

  • We cannot accept this as the step forward for amputees that you say this is. Amputees are rarely accurately portrayed in the media and by Hollywood, and these characters are rarely, if ever, portrayed by real amputees. Just as there is outcry about actors like Scarlett Johansson instead of a trans actor playing a trans man in an upcoming movie, we should cry out against underrepresentation of amputees in culture and, namely, movies. This is ‘ability-washing’ and at best solidifies the general public’s distorted view of amputees: we either go about our business as anyone else would (including fighting terrorists in burning buildings) and are an inspirational human interest story or we’re not and should be pitied because of it. Praising movies like this keeps us firmly in our collective seat next to the table instead of giving us a seat at the table and a voice to speak with. I reject the idea that this is a positive step forward for amputees and will only be satisfied when amputee characters outside of zombies are portrayed by real amputees. We can’t let anyone but us speak for us, even if we’re shown hanging by our prosthesis outside of a skyscraper window.

    Hunter Scott on

  • Kyle the clicking you hear should be the locking mechanism from a pin system. I have a pin system where the liner goes over the residual limb and has a pin they just change my pin from plastic to metal to lessen wear and tear back to the click this lets you know that the prosthetic is secure other wise you wouldn’t know. I have been an amputee since 2002 this month now that I think of It due to falling asleep at the wheel. The amputation wasn’t until 1yr and 16 surgeries later

    Ronald on

  • I dont understands the clicking notice of the prosthetic when I watch the trailer. Mine doesnt do that and havent heard others sound like that.

    Kyle Nichols on

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