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Firefighter Relearns How to Walk on Prosthesis After Accident

    In June, a Centerville firefighter, Colton Adams, was hit by an 18-wheeler while responding to a crash involving a car and a pickup truck on I-45. The 18-wheeler crashed into the car and truck, causing the 18-wheeler to overturn on top of the car.

    Centerville firefighter recovers and learns how to walk again after accident.

    Adams was taken by air ambulance to a Temple hospital, where his left leg was amputated. In less than a week, the 21-year-old was discharged from the hospital and had been recovering quite well.

    As of September, the 21-year-old firefighter has been relearning how to walk with his prosthetic leg.

    In an interview with KBTX, Adams said that people must be alert whenever they see an emergency vehicle. He said, “Please slow down and move over for your safety and the safety of our first responders.”