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AI-Powered Prosthetic Limbs Are in the Works

    For about a year and a half, engineers at the University of Notre Dame have been working on a prototype for an artificial intelligence-controlled prosthetic limb, which could blur the line between "ability and disability." They expect to complete the project in 2022.  

     Engineers at the University of Notre Dame are working on an AI-powered prosthetic limb.

    According to the team, this AI-controlled prosthetic limb should perform tasks that standard prosthetic limbs, even robotic ones, can't do. For example, with the AI limb, prosthetic users should be able to stand on tiptoe or walk up a flight of stairs with ease.

    Currently, teams of researchers at the University of Michigan and Indiana University are also working on a similar AI-powered concept. Still, the one being developed at Notre Dame is deemed to be unique.

    One characteristic to watch out for is the team's concept of using muscle firing sensors in the residual limb. This will reportedly put the prosthetic user in better control of the prosthetic limb without too much effort.

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