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Adaptive Clothing Brand No Limbits Bags Shark Tank Deal

    In June 2021, we wrote about the then up and coming adaptive clothing brand No Limbits. Back then, they were preparing to launch amputee-friendly jeans that feature reinforced fabric, inseam zippers, and other enhancements to accommodate the unique needs of prosthetic leg users.

     Shark Tank deal will soon make adaptive clothing from No Limbits accessible to more people.

    Last April, No Limbits founder Erica Cole joined ABC’s Shark Tank, with the goal of securing a $100,000 deal. Landing this deal would mean making the adaptive clothes accessible to more people. Cole’s pitch impressed the sharks, and she landed a $100,000 deal with Mark Cuban and Emma Grede.

    Both sharks are also in the apparel business. Cuban has an apparel line called Three Commas, which targets the clothing and styling needs of entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, Grede is the CEO and co-founder of Good American, the first fully inclusive fashion that celebrates all dimensions of female power. She is also the founding partner of SKIMS, an inclusive shapewear and loungewear company.



    Besides denim jeans for prosthetic leg users, No Limbits is set to offer two new lines—jeans for people who use wheelchairs and sensory-friendly fabrics. The pants for wheelchair users are designed with zippers on the sides of the legs, making it easier to get dressed while lying down.

    Meanwhile, the sensory-friendly line is aimed towards people living with ADHD, Autism, and sensory processing disorder, all of whom often find traditional clothing materials and construction very uncomfortable. For this product line, No Limbits will eliminate tags, seams, and irritating materials. And the company’s special moisture-wicking blend promises to keep users feeling cool, dry, and comfortable.

    Both clothing lines will be available soon. If you want to be notified of the launch, make sure to sign up for their email list.