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A Seventh-Grader Defies Odds With His Prosthetic Leg

    Logan Marmino, a seventh grader, is known for being an impressive baseball player for his middle school and club teams. He plays in a way that the audience won’t notice he’s missing a leg.

     Seventh-grader Logan Marmino continues to follow his dreams despite being born without a leg.

    Marmino was born without his left leg due to amniotic band syndrome, which happens when fibrous bands of the amniotic sac get tangled around a developing fetus. He has already undergone eight surgeries, with more planned to accommodate bone growth in his leg.

    His mother recalls her shock upon learning of his condition at birth. She also wondered how he would manage to live his life without a leg. But Marmino has proven everyone wrong by becoming a multi-talented athlete.

    While baseball is his first love, Marmino also plays basketball, surfs, and snowboards. He may be on the path to becoming a Paralympian, as he has also competed in the Jr. Paralympic track and sled hockey. 

    His accomplishments don’t stop there.

    Besides sports, Marmino also explores acting. He plays Josh Dubin in an Apple TV+ show called ‘Best Foot Forward.’ The 10-episode series, which premiered in July 2022, is about a young amputee who switches from homeschool to public middle school, where he faces a new set of challenges, including getting the school to see past his prosthetic leg.

    According to his mother, Marmino is the type to try anything and succeed at it. Marmino hopes his story will inspire his peers and amputees to follow suit. His message to the world is not to let “anything stop you from what you want to do” and not let “anyone tell you what you can and can’t do.”

    Marmino is a great example of someone who lives life without limits.