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A Prosthesis for Every Limb May Soon Be Possible with disAbled Life Alliance Initiative

    Despite advances in prosthetic technology, an estimated 60% of amputees still don't have access to prosthetic limbs and devices. To bridge the gap, the public benefit corporation disAbled Life Alliance launched the "Prosthesis for Every Limb" initiative.

     The disAbled Life Alliance recently launched the Prosthesis for Every Limb initiative.

    The initiative aims to provide access to prosthetic devices to amputees who couldn't afford one due to disparities in insurance access, healthcare, and more. Through Prosthesis for Every Limb, disAbled Life Alliance hopes that all amputees will get their own prosthetic devices no matter their financial standing.

    To help make this goal a reality, disAbled Life Alliance has joined forces with CrowdSmart, which brings together artificial intelligence (AI) and people to co-create solutions to any challenge. With CrowdSmart's technology, members of the amputee community can contribute ideas as well as engage with other community members' ideas. CrowdSmart is crucial to accomplishing the objectives of the Prosthesis for Every Limb initiative.

    The initiative has three objectives: to improve the quality, reduce the cost, and ultimately increase access to prosthetic limbs and devices. Both disAbled Life Alliance and CrowdSmart aim to achieve these goals through advocacy, community engagement, and research.  

    To improve the quality of prosthetic limbs and devices, disAbled Life Alliance plans to work to identify areas of improvement in prosthetic technology as well as advocate for changes in the industry. They will also ensure that all amputees can access the latest prosthetic technology.

    To increase access to life-changing prosthetic limbs and devices, disAbled Life Alliance seeks to identify and remove barriers to access, including financial limitations. Their work will also include increasing the public's awareness of the importance of prosthetic devices and making the necessary resources available to amputees.

    Another way to increase amputees' access to prosthetic devices is to reduce costs. disAbled Life Alliance aims to achieve this by identifying cost-saving measures, like striking partnerships with prosthetic device manufacturers and bulk purchasing. They also plan to work with insurance companies to ensure insurance plans cover prosthetic devices.

    For more information about the initiative and to join the ongoing community discussion, please visit disAbled Life Alliance. 

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