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6 Ways to Transform Your Walking Routine

    Numerous studies have shown that moderate-intensity workouts offer a slew of benefits. This is why walking is a great way to clear your mind and stay healthy. However, doing the same exercise over and over can get stale quickly. A few small tweaks can fix that.

     Tips to transform your walking workout.

    Walk with a friend  

    You can break the monotony by simply inviting a friend to join you. Having an exercise buddy can help you improve or maintain your functional health while also enjoying their company.

    Walking with a buddy also makes it easier for you to gauge your heart rate and ensure that you’re getting a good cardio workout. If you’re slightly breathless but can still carry a conversation, you’ll know that your exercise is moderate. But if you and your friend are out of breath and can’t talk normally, you’ll know that you’re already in vigorous workout territory.  

    Find a fitness trail  

    If your local park has a fitness trail, you can take advantage of it to spice up your walking workout. You can build your lower and upper body strength by using your local fitness trail’s equipment for push ups, pull ups, and rowing.

    Use hand weights  

    Adding weights is an easy way to add strength training to what is otherwise a strictly cardio workout. However, you don’t have to carry the weights for the entire duration of your walk. Carrying weights for an extended period while walking can lead to overuse injuries. You can prevent this by carrying weights for only a specific time or using lighter weights.

    Try meditation walking  

    Any form of exercise can be turned into a meditation. You can convert your daily walk into a meditation walk by blocking out external noise with music on your headphones or by practicing mindfulness and taking in your surroundings as you walk.

    This is a great tip to try because researchers found that mind-body relaxation practices can regulate circadian rhythms, glucose metabolism, inflammation, and lower blood pressure.

    Do fartlek walks  

    Fartlek walks allow you to alternate periods of decreased and increased speed. This type of walk is already considered high-intensity interval training (HIIT) because it will enable you to accomplish more in less time.

    To do a fartlek walk, walk at an increased pace for three minutes. Slow down for two minutes and repeat. One way to ensure that you implement the different speeds is by listening to music. Make sure your playlist includes songs with fast and moderate beats, so you can follow the rhythm when you walk.

    Add stairs  

    Stair climbing is a surefire way to tweak your regular walking routine as it adds a bit more challenge to your walk.


    By shaking up your routine, you can add excitement to your workout and reap more benefits. Pick your favorite variation from the list above to add some much-needed spice to your next walk.