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Smart Shower Startup, Showee, Brings Accessibility to the Forefront

    More than one-quarter of adults in the US identify themselves as having disabilities. Similarly, over 30% of people in a recent survey in the UK found it difficult to access services. While major software and hardware developers have often ignored accessibility, it is gradually gaining traction in the tech industry. One of the companies leading the way is Showee, a smart shower startup based in Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain.

     Showee, a smart shower startup, is making showers more accessible to people with disabilities.

    Showee’s shower is specifically designed for individuals with intellectual and physical challenges, including people with limb loss and limb difference. Its structure can be adjusted according to the user’s height, and it features a touchscreen that guides users through the showering process. With Showee’s innovative solution, individuals with disabilities can now enjoy a more comfortable, safe, and independent shower experience.


    Giving back privacy   

    Recently, Showee won first place at the Spanish Red Cross’ Humanitarian Technology Awards at 4YFN 2024, the startup event of the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry, the Mobile World Congress.

    Showee has garnered awards and recognition not only for its hardware but also for the positive social impact it’s trying to make. By adapting to a user’s level of autonomy, Showee provides a greater degree of privacy without compromising their safety. And showers, which can often be a stressful experience for people with disabilities, become more relaxing with Showee.

    In a review, one user described showering with Showee’s smart showers as “liberating.” Meanwhile, another user said that facilities with staff shortages could benefit from Showee. With the help of Showee, nursing assistants can give showers to patients who want them more frequently.

    However, in an interview with TechCrunch, Alejandro Castro, Showee’s Chief Information Officer, said that their products are not meant to replace caretakers, whether they are family members or professionals. Instead, the smart shower can assist caretakers by allowing them to control the showering process through Showee’s mobile app. They can be notified when their assistance is required instead of having to be present during the whole shower.

    Showee was founded in 2017 with a vision to develop a smart shower that could cater to the needs of people with disabilities. The inspiration behind this idea came from the CEO of the company, Èric Güell, whose mother has been suffering from a chronic illness and whose grandmother has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

    Plans to sell directly to consumers  

    Innovating and introducing new products to the market is challenging, especially for niche products like Showee’s smart showers. The company is currently focused on selling its innovative showers to businesses like hospitals and care facilities. However, it also plans to expand its customer base and sell directly to consumers in the future. To make this possible, Showee needs to reduce its prices, which may take some time.

    Showee is priced at around €5,000 or $5,420. Although it may not be affordable for most homeowners, the startup is working on ways to make it more accessible. For instance, as suggested by Eloi Mirambell, Showee's chief technology officer, if it starts producing more units, Showee could replace some hardware components with less expensive parts. The company is also considering making the product modular and offering optional features for users who don’t need them.

    Currently, Showee’s smart showers are being used in retirement homes, hospitals, and tutored housing care centers for people with severe autism and other similar conditions. In the future, the company plans to introduce its product to hotels.

    Besides offering accessibility and inclusion, Showee has another selling point: its smart showers use 50% less water than regular showers, making them an eco-friendly choice. This could lead to significant savings on water bills for retirement homes, as showers account for a substantial portion of their water usage. This means that the purchase of Showee’s smart showers could be easily amortized in the long run.

    In another bid to make its smart showers more affordable, Showee is also offering the option to pay a monthly subscription over three years instead of purchasing the shower outright.

    Additionally, Showee is looking to secure more funding this year and is in discussions with potential distributors to help expand the reach of the next version of their smart shower to a larger audience. This upcoming version is set to be released soon, and with increased sales, Showee hopes to bring its smart shower to more homes and benefit more people.