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Travel Agency Wheel the World Makes Traveling Accessible

    Travel has increasingly become common; however, not everyone enjoys the privilege. This is particularly true for people with disabilities and people with limb loss and limb difference because most travel amenities and activities are not accessible for users of wheelchairs and other assistive devices, like prosthetic limbs. Fortunately, companies like travel agency Wheel the World are bridging the gap.

     Travel agency Wheel the World makes travel accessible for people with disabilities.

    Wheel The World was founded by Alvaro Silberstein, a C6 quadriplegic. The travel agency was borne out of Silberstein’s numerous encounters with unreliable accessibility and information while traveling. He founded the company to fulfill a simple mission: to make travel more accessible.

    If you plan to travel soon but find the seemingly endless research and preparations daunting, you might want to check out Wheel the World’s services. Below are some reasons to consider booking your next trip with Wheel the World.

    Accessible vacation packages  

    Wheel the World offers comprehensive vacation packages that are completely accessible and include everything from accommodation to transportation, tours, and activities. These pre-built vacation packages can be personalized according to your specific requirements. All you need to do is fill out your accessibility profile, and then you can browse vacation packages tailored to your needs.

    Personalized travel recommendations  

    Wheel the World understands that accessible travel requires a personalized touch because everyone’s situation is unique. That’s why they ask you to fill out your accessibility profile after signing up. By doing so, you can let the travel experts know about your accessibility requirements, and they can provide you with customized recommendations for accommodations, travel packages, and activities that are suitable for you.

    Accurate accessibility information  

    Wheel the World has accurate and comprehensive information on travel accessibility. Their database includes information on the presence of a roll-in shower, bed height, entrance door width, and more.

    To keep this database accurate and updated, Wheel the World recently launched its “Destination Verified” program, which aims to enhance the accessibility of cities. Trained mappers take measurements of hotels, compiling over 200 data points relevant to travelers’ accessibility needs. They also assess the accessibility of attractions of local restaurants. A “Destination Verified” city or town has a dedicated page on Wheel the World with a complete accessibility picture of the location.

    Dedicated travel expert support  

    Dedicated travel expert support is available to all Wheel the World customers before and during their trip. These experts ensure your accessible travel experience is seamless and stress-free. They will make reservations for you and confirm that the accessibility features you need are available during your preferred travel dates. Whether you need assistance with unexpected situations or have questions and special requests, Wheel the World’s travel experts are just a call or message away.

    Accessibility-trained partners  

    Wheel the World partners with tourism professionals worldwide to educate and train them on properly assisting individuals with disabilities, making travel more accessible and enjoyable for all. This collaboration aims to create a travel industry that is not only accessible but also knowledgeable and empathetic so that everyone can have a worry-free journey every step of the way.

    Book trips worldwide

    With a continuously expanding network of accessibility-trained partners that spans over 250 destinations in more than 30 countries, Wheel the World provides a diverse range of accessible travel options for anyone looking to explore the world. From exploring authentic Japanese cuisine in Tokyo to the ancient wonders of Egypt and romantic evenings in Paris, the possibilities are endless.

    No extra fees  

    With Wheel the World's many benefits, you may have been curious whether they impose additional fees. The good news is that no extra charges are associated with booking trips, accommodations, or activities through the travel agency. The partners and tour providers that Wheel the World works with take on all the extra costs, so you can rest assured that you won’t be hit with any unexpected fees.

    The bottom line  

    Wheel the World is a travel agency that makes travel accessible for people with disabilities, limb loss, or limb differences. Booking a trip through Wheel the World means you having a team of travel experts who have worked with hundreds of individuals with disabilities. From arranging transportation and accommodations to suggesting accessible activities, Wheel the World meticulously organizes every aspect of your trip, allowing you to focus on enjoying your adventure while they handle all the logistics.