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Amputee Life — Prosthetic Suspension

HOLO Suspension System vs. Other Suspension Systems

Posted by Bryan Potok on

When it comes to ensuring comfort and mobility among prosthetic users, a sound prosthetic suspension system is the key. A study looked into the difference between the HOLO (hook and loop) suspension system and other existing systems—magnetic, pin/lock, and suction.

A comparison of the HOLO suspension system and other existing suspension systems.

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Maintain a Better Socket Fit With Vacuum

Posted by Bryan Potok on

Loss of volume in your residual limb naturally happens as you go about your day. For most prosthetic users, maintaining an ideal socket fit requires adding another prosthetic sock ply at around 10 am or at noon. This can sometimes be a hassle, so the findings of a recent study published in Prosthetics and Orthotics International might be the answer you need for a better limb fluid management strategy.

Study says elevated vacuum decreases overall volume loss.

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