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News in Prosthetic Innovation: The New Össur Proflex

    Össur's Latest: The Pro-Flex Prosthetic Solution

    Össur, a global leader in prosthetics, is an incredible asset to the field as they constantly push the boundaries of what is possible. The 47-year-old company dedicates an enormous amount of time and resources towards innovation, and Pro-Flex is a result of that.

    Ossur proflex with mechanical push off.

    What is Pro-Flex?

    Össur recently released the Pro-Flex, a prosthetic foot that features push-off using mechanical levers, which closely mimics normal biomechanics. The mechanically-powered push-off allows the prosthetic wearer to experience better ankle motion and power compared to conventional carbon fiber feet.

    Ossur pro-flex with mechanical push off.

    Mechanical Push-Off

    The mechanical push-off is the Pro-Flex's unique selling point. This is because the levers used in the Pro-Flex, connected through pivots, are a first in the industry. Levers are perfect for lifting and moving heavy objects. This is how the Pro-flex is able to convert a small force into a large force and offer push-off.  By using the additional 27 degrees of ankle motion in the Pro-flex, its levers are also able to provide the wearer a wider range of ankle motion. 

    This prosthetic foot is definitely a mechanical marvel pushing design boundaries!

    Less Stress

    Another great thing about the Pro-Flex is that Össur engineers incorporated three levels of carbon plates to reduce the load and impact you may experience when you wear your prosthesis. This technology indirectly prevents unnecessary stress on your sound side leg while walking.

    To further understand the gift of this technology, observe anyone as they walk. You may notice that the knee tends to thrust outwards by as much as a centimeter when full weight is loaded. Having a significant outward thrust results in knee strain, especially for prosthetic wearers.

    This Pro-Flex feature of three levels of carbon, also reduces that outward knee thrust on your prosthetic side, limiting the incidence of osteoarthritis down the road, a situation that plagues many amputees.

    Not Just a Foot Shell

    While most prosthetic foot shells seem like an afterthought, Össur's Pro-Flex is several leagues superior. Its foot shell offers a "grippy sole" which makes walking barefoot on wet surfaces possible. It also features a more natural shaped arch or foot print so it fits better inside your shoe. In fact, Össur designed the foot shell to adapt to different types of footwear, so you don't have to choose between hiking or running shoes.

    Össur went a step further with the Pro-Flex's foot shell, as it features defined toes that you can paint, should you want to do so. 

    Pro-Flex in numbers

    Users of Pro-Flex can experience the following, over a conventional carbon prosthetic foot:

    • 82% increase in range of ankle motion
    • 93% increase in peak ankle power
    • 11% less load on the sound side, reducing the incidence of knee arthritis
    • 15% reduction on knee Varus moment

    Learn More About Pro-Flex

    With its enhanced carbon foot blade design and mechanical push-off , the Pro-Flex prosthetic foot allows for a more fluid and natural movement.

    For more information on this prosthetic foot by Ossur, contact your Prosthetist.  Are you already wearing a Pro-Flex?  Give us your opinion in the comment section below.

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