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New Texas Gym Caters to Amputees

    Early this year, a new gym opened in Seguin, Texas, that provides a welcoming experience to those who need special adaptations, like amputees. The new gym is called Flex-Abled and is located at 2896 Huber Rd, Seguin, TX 78155.

     Flex-Abled, a new gym in Texas, caters to amputees.

    Flex-Abled is owned by Jayden Dennis, a competitive adaptive powerlifter who wanted to give people, especially adaptive athletes, a place to feel comfortable, learn, and grow. Dennis used to train at commercial gyms, where he always got weird looks because he wore a prosthetic arm when training.

    Dennis lost his left hand in an accident while working on a ranch when he was 16 years old. In an interview with KENS5, he said it’s his calling to help people in need. Through his gym, Dennis said he feels good knowing that he can help other people.

    In addition to owning a gym, Dennis is a certified personal trainer and a competitive powerlifter. As of this publication, he has competed three times under the United States Powerlifting Association.

    Dennis hopes to use his own exercise experience and expertise to guide other individuals with limb loss and those with special needs. He hopes they see Flex-Abled as a “welcoming place where they can feel comfortable” and have “a chance to be a bit more themselves.”