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Mood Boosters That Don't Cost A Thing

    Even minor disappointments and frustrations have the power to derail your mood, leaving you grumpy and disinterested in the things you need to do. Although you know that a bit of pick-me-up can help you make it through the day, you’re not exactly sure what to do first.

     Lift your spirits with these free mood boosters.

    We understand how overwhelming these moments can be. So, we came up with a list that you can refer to whenever you need a mood booster. The best thing about the items in this list? You can reap the benefits for free!

    Take a walk or move your body  

    Walking or moving your body can do a lot to boost your mood. If there’s a park or any green space nearby, we highly suggest you take a walk there. Walking in nature stimulates dopamine, also known as the happy hormones, which is responsible for regulating your mood.

    If going outside is impossible, you can do brisk walking indoors. If your space allows it, walk around your house. If you have a small space, go on YouTube and search for walking workouts. You can get your body moving while staying in place; footwear is optional.


    Humor can leave you in a lighter frame of mind. Call a friend or go online to watch funny videos. You can also check out comedy writers if you prefer to consume written content. The important thing is to get laughing.

    Listen to music  

    Music offers plenty of benefits. It eases stress and tension in your body, reduces anxiety, improves your focus, and promotes healthy brain function. So, create a playlist filled with songs that put you in a good mood and listen to them whenever you feel down.

    Call a loved one  

    Hearing a familiar, comforting voice on the other end of the line goes a long way toward reversing your downcast mood. If you can’t make a phone or video call, you can still reap the same benefits by connecting briefly over text or chat.

    Random acts of kindness  

    There are times when you need to forget your worries and thoughts for a while. The best way to do this is by focusing your energy on someone else. Doing something nice for someone else can improve their day and leave you in a more positive mindset.

    So, go and see if a co-worker or anyone in your house needs help. Maybe you can leave detailed, positive reviews for your favorite small businesses or take a break and give your pet a treat.


    It’s normal to feel like you need to boost your mood once in a while. However, if a lousy mood persists, it could be something a little more serious. If there are lingering changes in your mood or well-being, the tips above may have little to no effect. We suggest consulting a physician or talking to a therapist.