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How to Motivate Yourself

    You set goals, but you find yourself procrastinating. You write to-do lists, but you don't follow through. And the same story repeats itself. If you're wondering what the problem could be, you might be skipping an essential step: motivating yourself.

     Motivating yourself is one of the best ways to beat chronic procrastination.

    Most productivity systems don't account for our feelings or emotions, which play a huge role in why we do what we do. So, to achieve your goals and finish your to-do list, it's best to consider these feelings when you plan.

    We've outlined some tips below that you can do to motivate yourself and cross off that growing to-do list.

    Get positive  

    The main reason we procrastinate is that we're in a bad mood. Procrastination is said to be a mood-management technique, but it is a short-sighted one. It doesn't consider future outcomes as long as you have access to more exciting distractions.

    Meanwhile, researchers found that positive feelings or happiness increase productivity, which makes you successful. But how can we improve our happiness?

    According to a study done by Harvard's Teresa Amabile, there is nothing more motivating than progress. So, one way to increase happiness is to monitor your progress and celebrate it.

    Rewards and penalties  

    Rewards feel good, and penalties feel bad. Utilizing both can work well to increase your motivation.

    Researchers found that we are motivated to do things when a reward is at stake. This can be something as huge as finally being able to walk independently on your prosthetic leg or as simple as treating yourself to your favorite comfort food. We highly suggest that you get yourself a small treat after finishing a batch of tasks.

    However, if you find yourself barely motivated by a treat, you might want to consider using a "commitment device" instead.

    For example, you can give your friend an amount of money. If you get your tasks done by a particular time, you get your money back. If you don't complete it, you lose the money.

    Peer pressure  

    The adage "Tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are" rings true. Surrounding yourself with people you want to be makes it far less taxing to do what you should be doing. 

    According to The Longevity Project's findings, which studied over 1,000 individuals from youth to end of life, the groups the subjects associate with often determine the type of person they become. For those who want to improve their health and fitness, hanging out with other health-conscious people usually helps them change for the better.

    So, choose carefully who you want to hang out with. They play an important role in determining your success.


    Incorporate these three things in your life, and you'll see yourself improve soon.  

    What do you think of these three tips? Which ones will you be implementing soon?

    Motivating yourself is one of the best ways to beat chronic procrastination.