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Are you going to the Amputee Coalition Conference?

    A year ago, we decided to completely overhaul the Amputee Store website. Well, many cups of coffee later, it's nearly complete.  We wanted our site to be more than the traditional online medical store.  We wanted to change the way you shop, making the process as enjoyable and easy as buying everything else online.

    We went to great lengths to make sizing easier, with our DIY custom made mannequins that better demonstrate products, and to make buying amputee supplies online an easier process, with resources like buyer's guides (coming soon). Our new personal care guides will help you better understand your options. Our new blog is a place where you can join the conversation about issues pertaining to limb loss and the amputee community.

    The site was designed to make the experience enjoyable. And for the last few months we've been working like crazy on it, because we wanted it to be ready in time for this year's Amputee Coalition National Conference, at the end of July in Tucson, Arizona.

    As a conference first-timer, I'm looking forward to checking out the exhibits of new products on the market, and possibly attending a few classes on skin integrity or phantom pain. The Amputee Store will also have a booth with supplies on display, but what I'm really looking forward to is the opportunity to meet some new people. So feel free to stop by the booth and get to know us, the Amputee Store, and our fresh new awesome website. See you there.