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Amputee Life — Editor Pick

Surgeon’s Innovative Technique Helps Young Amputee To Walk

Posted by Bryan Potok on

Dr. Panagiotis Glavas recently performed a new surgical technique in pediatric orthopedic surgery. This new approach allowed a child amputee to walk again.

Dr. Panagiotis Glavas performs historic surgical procedure on young amputee.

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6 Possible Causes of Hip Pain When Sitting

Posted by Bryan Potok on

Experiencing hip pain when sitting can be caused by different things, including incorrect posture and medical conditions. An imbalance in the body often causes general hip pain in prosthetic users. After amputation, other joints and muscles have to carry extra weight and may be subjected to more stress. This imbalance is often exacerbated when sitting with an incorrect posture.

Possible causes of hip pain when sitting in prosthetic users.

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