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Crutches Reinvented for the 21st Century

    Crutches have been around since ancient times. It started as a T-shaped walking stick, which later evolved into the V-shaped design that we still use today. However, this design has a flaw—it’s uncomfortable. Around 85% of people report feeling pain in their hands, wrists, and shoulders when using standard underarm crutches.

     The crutches are reinvented for the 21st century.

    Finally, a company gave the assistive device a long-overdue makeover. Mobility Designed has a lineup of crutches designed for the 21st century. Its flagship product is the M+D Crutch. 

    The M+D Crutch redistributes body weight for pain-free use. It shifts the burden from the wrists and shoulders to the forearms, which are more reliable and more stable. It features a structured cuff to keep the forearms in place and attached to the crutch. The cuff also allows easy release from the arm cradle, allowing the users to move freely and use their hands without removing the crutch. 

    Made of flexible anti-microbial material, the M+D Crutch arm bands conform to the shape of the arms to provide maximum support. Its ergonomic handgrips rotate out of the way with a push of a button so that you can free up your hands for other things. The crutches are adjustable, so they feel like a natural extension of the user.

    The collection also includes another product called the M+D Combo Stix, which are designed to help the user recover faster. It allows the user to change between platform mode and forearm mode with a push of a button. Six interchangeable handles are also available to ensure that the user has the most comfortable grip. Furthermore, shock-absorbing rubber feet give the crutches a better grip and allow the user to navigate various surfaces. The M+D Crutch also features the same rubber feet.   

    Have you tried the M+D Crutch or the M+D Combo Stix? Do you have a favorite brand of crutches?