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Ossur Rigid Dressing (ORD) Post Op Therapy with Vacuum Pump

by Ossur


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Ossur Rigid Dressing (ORD) Post Op Therapy with Vacuum Pump

by Ossur



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Ossur Rigid Dressing Size

  • Immobilizes and protects the residual limb
  • Designed for Below Knee amputees immediately after amputation surgery
  • Made out of soft and pliable material
  • Reduces discomfort
  • Prevents knee flexion contractures
  • Vacuum pump included
  • Single patient use
  • Sold individually

The Ossur Rigid Dressing (ORD) is a post-operative device designed to prevent knee flexion contractures, manage post-operative edema in the residual limb and protect against bed sores and falls immediately following below knee amputation surgery.

The concept behind the Ossur Rigid Dressing is to prevent movement and manage swelling through a removable dressing that contours and applies firm pressure to the residual limb. Restricting movement prevents knee flexion contractures and improves outcomes. Limiting edema after amputation surgery, assists in managing phantom pain and aids in limb maturation.

The Ossur Rigid Dressing is made out of soft and pliable material and forms to the residual limb. The ORD dressing is then made rigid by creating a vacuum in the internal chambers of the prosthetic product.


The product contains no metal parts and is designed for disposal through incineration.

Directions for Use

The ORD should be applied to the residual limb over wound dressings and appropriate padding material immediately after the operation. The initial application of the ORD requires two persons. Note: The ORD should not be in direct contact with the skin at any point. Bandaging should be used but excessive padding material applied to the limb may reduce the function of the ORD. Apply an absorbing wound dressing and wrap the residual limb thoroughly with synthetic under cast padding for cushioning and moisture absorption.

Care Instructions

The ORD is intended to be operated by health care professionals only.

The ORD allows inspection of the residual limb by the medical team during early rehabilitation. Adjustability of the ORD and a choice of size, provide an effective rehabilitation tool benefiting both patient and the whole clinical team.
Single Patient Use

The ORD is a single patient use device that can be reapplied as required.


The Ossur Rigid Dressing (ORD) can be wiped clean with a moist cloth and disinfected with alcohol solution if needed.


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