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Amputee Life — Sweat Control

The Science Behind Sweat-Wicking Prosthetic Textiles

Posted by Bryan Potok on

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts swear by sweat-wicking fabrics to keep them dry and odor-free. Prosthetic users also rely on the same material—made of high-tech polyester—to keep themselves comfortable while wearing a prosthesis for hours.

The science on how sweat-wicking fabrics work.

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A Moisture-Absorbing Socket Technology Is in the Works

Posted by Bryan Potok on

Experts at the Advanced Platform Technology Center at the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center are working together with their colleagues at the University of Chicago and Case Western Reserve University to develop a new socket material that can better absorb and channel the sweat that tends to build up inside your prosthesis. Should this development become available to everyone, it would significantly improve daily life for many prosthesis users.

Veterans Affairs is testing a moisture-absorbing prosthetic socket.

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