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4 Simple Ways to Reboot Your Health

    Getting back on track with your healthy habits after indulging a bit during the holidays can be challenging. And winter’s cold winds don’t make it easier. But that doesn’t mean that we’re doomed to feel sluggish until spring.

     Four ways to reboot your body for better health.

    Here are a few strategies you can do now to reboot your body and hit the ground running this new year.

    Sleep well

    Prioritizing good sleep at night is vital for your mental focus and overall health. Try to get 8 to 9 hours of sleep, and make sure that your bedroom is as quiet and dark as possible.

    If you have some trouble conking out, create a relaxing pre-bedtime routine that you can stick to. You can do five to 10 minutes of meditation or yoga, or you can read a book. Avoid exposure to any screen at least one hour before bedtime.

    Set multiple “good habit” alarms throughout the day

    No, this is not permission for you to keep snoozing your wake-up alarm. The alarms are meant to remind you of your healthy habits—a gentle nudge to drink a glass of water, eat something healthy for lunch, or to wind down and prepare for bed. If your job requires you to sit at a desk for hours, you can set the alarm to remind yourself to get up, stretch, and walk a bit.

    Find excuses to move

    While exercising at the gym is beneficial; taking advantage of the many opportunities to move throughout the day is just as good. You can take the stairs, walk for coffee, or clean the house. Aiming for 10,000 steps a day is a great idea. 

    Go for a morning walk

    Walking first thing in the morning does not only allow you to get your steps in, but it also exposes you to sunlight. Exposure to sunlight programs your body clock and helps regularize your sleep and wake rhythm. Exercise and sunlight exposure also promote good sleep, so go ahead and greet the day.

    Rebooting our bodies doesn’t take much, but the little habits do add up. Start with one habit a week, and by the time spring rolls around, you'll feel the benefits of rebooting your health. 

    What do you do to reboot your body? And which habits on this list do you need help reinforcing in your life?