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Ossur Medipro Relax Night Care Sock, Umbrellan for Phantom Pain

by Ossur


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Ossur Medipro Relax Night Care Sock, Umbrellan for Phantom Pain




  • Designed for Below-the-knee and Above-the-Knee amputees
  • Relieves Phantom pain using Umbrellan, a metallurgic knit
  • Incorporates thermo-regulating fibers
  • Silicone beads holds sock in place
  • Soft, breathable materials allows heat and moisture to escape
  • Not for use when wearing your prosthesis
  • Socks are 30 cm long (except size small that is 40 cm)
  • Sold individually

The Ossur MediPro Relax Night Care Sock is a prosthetic sock with a primary objective of relieving Phantom Pain and idiopathic residual limb pain. Ossur designed a sock that incorporates a lot of features into one sock. The list of specialized yarns begins with Clima-Comfort to regulate temperature. Clima-Comfort is a very breathable material that will not trap and hold heat or moisture against the skin. It’s suitable for even the most sensitive residual limbs seeking comfort from a soft sock. The Relax Night Care Sock is highly elastic, incorporating a soft cuff and silicone beads to secure in place. The greatest feature is Ossur’s Umbrellan metallurgic knit. Ossur states that its Umbrellan either eliminates or relieves phantom pain as a result of its electromagnetic screening properties. The Relax Night Care sock is intended to be worn at night when you are sleeping.


Clima-Comfort and Umbrellan knit

Care Instructions

Please hand wash with warm water and use a neutral soap for cleaning. Do not dry in a drier or use an iron. Avoid drying in the sun or near radiators.


Do not wear the Ossur Medipro Relax Night Care sock with your prosthesis. Please not that, in order to retain its function, the Medipro Relax Night Care must only be washed by hand in warm water. Never wash your Relax Night Care Sock in the machine as any residual bleach will make it ineffective.


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