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Ossur Iceflex Balance Prosthetic Sleeve, Soft Silicone, Perfect Skin Adhesion

by Ossur


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Ossur Iceflex Balance Prosthetic Sleeve, Soft Silicone, Perfect Skin Adhesion

by Ossur



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Ossur Size

  • Ossur Iceflex Balance is designed for low to moderate prosthetic activity levels
  • The Iceflex sleeve provides near perfect skin adhesion for ideal prosthetic suspension
  • Constructed of soft silicone to relief pressure over your knee cap
  • Iceflex Balance Sleeve is 35 cm long (14 in)
  • Sold individually

The Ossur Iceflex Balance prosthetic sleeve is a nylon/Lycra fabric covered silicone suspension sleeve designed for below-the-knee prosthetic devices. Ossur created this prosthetic sleeve for individuals ranging from those that only walk within the house to amputees that simply need to walk to the local convenience store. It’s not recommended to use the Ossur Iceflex Balance for recreational sports. When you first handle this silicone suspension sleeve you’ll notice how soft and stretchy the sleeve feels in your hands. The Iceflex Balance Sleeve offers ideal skin adhesion for optimal prosthetic suspension. It’s a very high quality sleeve for a select group of people.



Directions for Use
  1. Turn the Iceflex Balance sleeve inside out, half way, with silicone of bottom end half-exposed. Stretch the sleeve over the brim of the socket and the bottom distal end completely down.
  2. Roll down upper part of the sleeve down until socket brim is completely exposed. Step into the socket and make sure your residual limb is positioned correctly in the socket. Roll the sleeve up with both hands.

Important: Do not pull on the edges as this may place strain on the skin.

Care Instructions

Wash the Iceflex Balance sleeve daily, especially on the inside. To do so, remove the sleeve, turn it inside out and use a ph-balanced cleanser. Be sure to rinse with plenty of water, and wipe dry with a towel. The Iceflex Balance sleeve can also be machine washed (40-60°C/Warm). Turn the sleeve inside out during washing. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove all soap residue.


Anyone who develops skin irritation after contact with this material should discontinue its use immediately and consult a physician or prosthetist.


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