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Ottobock Caleo 3D Liners, Cushion Liner & Locking Liner, Moderate to High Activity, TPE Gel

by Ottobock


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Ottobock Caleo 3D Liners, Cushion Liner & Locking Liner, Moderate to High Activity, TPE Gel

by Ottobock



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Suspension Method

  • Ottobock Caleo 3D Liner can be thermoformed and customized to your unique shape by your Prosthetist
  • Designed with TPE gel that is enriched with medical white oil for improved skin integrity and better durability
  • Improved design allows for easier knee flexion and simultaneously less stress on your knee cap.
  • Designed for moderate to high activity levels of below-knee limb loss
  • Monoelastic fabric prevents pistoning and eliminates the need for a reinforced bottom area
  • Compatible replacement for an Ossur Iceform, Alps, or Ohio Willow Wood prosthetic liner
  • 6mm Uniform Gel thickness in the front and 3mm in the back for easy knee bending
  • 3D cap or umbrella for locking liners is softer and more flexible
  • Latex free and hypoallergenic
  • Locking pin is not included
  • *Not vacuum approved as a replacement for the gel liner initially provided with your Vacuum System
  • Made in Germany
  • Sold individually in a polybag

A prosthetic liner is a highly functional and important component of your prosthesis. The 6Y95 Caleo 3D liner was cleverly engineered to meet the demands of moderate to high activity prosthetic users.


Manufactured with TPE thermoplastic gel, your Caleo 3D liner is capable of reducing friction, while providing skin hydration benefits through the release of medical grade white oil. TPE type gel can be thermoformed either by your prosthetist or naturally over time through heat and perspiration to provide a customized fit.  Ottobock's gel formulation results in a comfortable and durable prosthetic gel liner that is available in both locking and cushion versions.

Offered in 6mm Uniform Gel thickness in the front and 3mm in the back.


Ottobock employs a monoelastic fabric that essentially limits pistoning and removes the need for unnecessary gel reinforcement along the umbrella area of locking liners. The fabric along the knee area has been improved, offering easier knee flexion while reducing pressure over your knee cap during bending.

The Ottobock Caleo 3D Locking Prosthetic Liner option is designed for use with either pin or lanyard locking systems. This locking liner does not include either a pin or lanyard strap. 

Ottobock recommends that the Caleo 3D Cushion Liner be used in conjunction with the Ottobock Harmony or Proflex sleeves. Using this combination should create a suction (vs. vacuum) fit.

You can retrofit most Alps, Ossur, and OWW prosthetic liners with a Ottobock Caleo 3D liner.

Read our Prosthetic Liner Guide for more information on prosthetic liners.


Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) material enriched with medical white oil.

Directions for Use

Check the liner for damage. If a pin is attached, also check the pin for damage. Roll up the liner and place it on the end of your residual limb. Notice** Align a distal connecting element (e.g. pin, metal cap, locking mechanism) with the longitudinal axis of your residual limb. Unroll the liner onto the residual limb without displacing the soft tissue and without leaving wrinkles or air pockets. Do not pull the liner onto your residual limb.

Care Instructions

Ottobock recommends that this prosthetic liner be hand washed with pH balanced mild soap and water after each use. Rinse thoroughly. Do Not bleach. After washing, pat excess water off with a towel and lay flat to air dry 24-36 hours. Turn it inside out to thoroughly dry. If you want to machine dry your prosthetic liner, dry on air dry/low temperature setting. Turn repeated process should be done on 20 minute intervals. It’s not advisable to wear or store your Caleo 3D Liner when damp. It is suggested by Ottobock that amputees use an alternate fresh liner while the other one is being washed and dried.


Do not place your Ottobock Caleo 3D Liner on an open wound. If irritation, discomfort or poor circulation occurs, discontinue use and notify your physician or Prosthetist immediately. Do not wear your Caleo 3D for more than 20 hours daily. 


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