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Comfort Ply-Two Super Soft Sock, 2 Ply, Acrylic and Lycra

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Comfort Ply-Two Super Soft Sock, 2 Ply, Acrylic and Lycra


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Ply-Two Length
Ply-Two Width

  • Ply-Two Super Soft Sock wick perspiration away from the skin, keeping you dry
  • 2 ply thickness constructed using a interlocking stitch to create a durable amputee sock.
  • Rounded reinforced toe area prevents that all too familar pocket from forming along the bottom of your limb
  • Ply-Two uses a lot of acrylic and lycra yarn allowing this amputee sock to fit like a custom sock
  • Non-allergenic for amputees with sensitive skin
  • Machine washable
  • Made in the USA

Comfort Products Ply-Two Super Soft Prosthetic Sock is a feature rich 2 ply thickness prosthetic sock. The Ply-Two offers a lot of stretch in both length and width, allowing this sock to mold itself to the contours of your residual limb. Prosthetic users no longer have to pull their socks so taught to eliminate that pocket that forms along the bottom with other brands.  Amputees of all activity levels will enjoy the softness of this 2 ply sock. Diabetic amputees may also benefit from its softness and stretch in preventing skin issues from abrasions. Aside from feeling soft and comfortable from its double fleecing, the acrylic material will assist in wicking sweat away from your skin, helping to alleviate excessive sweating. Did we mention it's insanely durable through the use of a nylon reinforced toe and interlocking stitching.


98% Acrylic, 2% Lycra

Care Instructions

Launder in home washer and dryer using delicate fabric cycles. Use mild detergent, no bleach.


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