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Arion Proth-Pro, Prosthetic Donning Aid for Suction Sockets

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Arion Proth-Pro, Prosthetic Donning Aid for Suction Sockets



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  • Arion improved the design leading to only a single seam donning sleeve
  • Similar fabric and sizing as Easy-Proth and Launch Donning Sheath
  • Significant time savings, stop spending 15 minutes applying your AK prosthetic leg in the morning
  • Pain free technique that avoids the burning, rubbing and irritation associated with the traditional ace wrap or stockinette donning method
  • Proth-Pro is intended for above-knee amputees that use a suction and valve socket suspension design
  • Easy to carry with you, no need to pack a full bag with ace wraps, powder and back-up stockinette
  • Available in 5 Arion Proth-Pro sizes, Orange color
  • Sold each in a poly bag

Arion Proth-Pro is a prosthetic donning aid intended for suction suspension sockets to simplify putting on your prosthesis without pain and discomfort. Every morning doesn’t have to feel like “Monday Morning” when putting on your suction prosthetic socket. The Arion Proth-Pro donning aid makes the physically straining morning task of putting on your prosthesis easier. This Arion donning aid is made of a durable Rip Stop Nylon material and will not stretch out. The low shear resistance that nylon helps you avoid skin abrasion along areas below your groin area and distal (bottom) femur. This can be a great solution for traumatic above knee amputations that have scarred or hypersensitive skin, however prefer the “oneness” of suction suspension.


Ripstop Nylon

Directions for Use

Proth-Pro Donning Instructions:

  1. To apply the Proth-Pro donning aid, first fully spread out the aid.
  2. Fold the top half of the Proth-Pro into the other half. Make sure the seams are flush with each other; loop is on the outside.
  3. With both hands, pull the Proth-Pro over your residual limb like a sock. Avoid creases.
  4. Position the socket over your residual limb after which the loop of the Arion Proth-Pro can be put through the socket’s valve hole.
  5. Finally, slowly pull the Proth-Pro out of the prosthetic socket by pulling the loop through the valve hole. If you realize your residual limb is not positioned inside your socket properly, this procedure has to be repeated.
Care Instructions
  • Proth-Pro may only be washed by hand a low temperatures (30 degree celcius)
  • Only dry your Proth-Pro with a towel
  • Do Not iron
  • Do not clean or treat with bleach
  • Do not expose this prosthetic product to sources of heat like bright sunlight, heaters and so on.

Be careful! Do not step on your Arion Proth-Pro as the highly slippery material makes it a slipping hazard. When using the Proth-Pro, it is important to use the correct size. Your Proth-Pro will not work as described and may prematurely wear out if sized too small.

Proth-Pro Product Numbers
Size Proth-Pro SKU
X-Small E02701
Small E02702
Medium E02703
Large E02704
X-Large E02705
XX-Large E02706


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