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Alps VIVA, Valve Integrated Vacuum Activated, Built-In Valve, Suction

by ALPS South


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Alps VIVA, Valve Integrated Vacuum Activated, Built-In Valve, Suction

by ALPS South


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Gel Thickness

  • **Manufacturer is experiencing 1-3 week production delays for some sizes.
  • One way valve integrated into the Alps VIVA Sleeve to provide the security in knowing your limb is well suspended
  • Alps VIVA Sleeve uses suction suspension to reduce pistoning, friction and shear forces
  • This Alps suspension sleeve is designed for active below-knee amputees
  • Made out of Alps GripGel to prevent your sleeve from rolling down your thigh
  • Available in uniform 3 mm and 6 mm thickness
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold each

The Alps VIVA Sleeve (VIVA stands for Valve Integrated Vacuum Activated) is an Alps suspension sleeve with a one way evacuation valve built in. The valve functions as pathway for any extra air trapped within your socket to escape. The significant benefit of a one way valve is that you have created a “dual” suspension affect that provides a superior fit and function. Good suspension equals a prosthesis that feels “lighter in weight” when walking. By wearing an Alps VIVA Sleeve, you are essentially replicating the same function that a valve fabricated inside your prosthetic socket by a prosthetist would serve. This is a great fabric-reinforced alps suspension sleeve if you hike, cycle or love to do yoga!


The Alps VIVA Sleeve uses a GripGel to maintain its place for tight and confident suspension.

Directions for Use

Installing your VIVA Sleeve is easier than most sleeves. Insert the VIVA Sleeve so that the inside is facing out and roll the sleeve up onto the socket making sure the valve is placed in the front and above any trimelines of your socket. Basically, make sure the valve will be slightly above your knee cap. If the valve is touching your socket, air will not be expelled. When the valve is above your knee cap this creates a “back pressure” during knee flexion. Begin rolling and working the reflected half of your sleeve over your socket, until it's full reflected over your prosthetic socket. Once your sleeve is fully installed, begin rolling your sleeve from the top down to a level below your socket's trimelines.  When you're done it should look like a floating tube or a donut around your socket. Now your prosthetic leg is ready for you to place your residual limb inside and begin rolling your sleeve upward. Place your residual limb inside the socket and roll your VIVA Sleeve onto your thigh.

Care Instructions

Daily: Be sure to clean the Alps VIVA Sleeve on a daily basis with a light washcloth and neutral/pH-balanced soap, Alps Prosthetic Cleanser PD595 and Ottobock Derma Clean are especially made for this purpose. Do not scrub or rub the gel during washing, this can damage the gel. Rinse well because soap residue can cause skin issues. Make sure the Alps suspension sleeve is completely dry before using.

Weekly: Place a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a soft, clean cloth. Do not soak the VIVA Sleeve in alcohol. Wipe the sleeve with a the cloth thoroughly, wipe dry with a towel. To remove a stain on the fabric side, use a cloth dampened in nail polish remover and rub until clean. Do NOT soak in nail polish or you will dissolve the gel!


Hand wash only, machine washing can damage the sleeve. Avoid petroleum jelly and other oil based lubricants, as they will damage your V.I.V.A Gel Sleeve. Do Not soak your VIVA sleeve in alcohol. 


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