Prosthetic Categories

Size Chart - BK - Alps General Purpose Liner

STEP 1: Bottom Circumference

Measure the circumference of your limb 6cm up from the bottom. Continue to STEP 2: Find your size


Measuring for Alps General Purpose prosthetic liner.

STEP 2: Find your size

Take your bottom measurement and use the chart to determine your size. If you're in-between sizes, we suggest remeasuring again to be on the safe side. If the size you arrived at, after measuring seems too big or small, in some cases it helps to use the size of your current liner as a very rough guide. The size may be printed on the liner. Continue to STEP 3: Length

16 16-19 cm
20 20-23 cm
24 24-25 cm
26 26-27 cm
28 28-31 cm
32 32-37 cm
38 38-43 cm
44 44-53 cm

STEP 3: Length

Length is a matter of preference. You can trim this liner with a very sharp scissors. Start by applying your Alps General Purpose Liner and mark on the liner where you want to trim. Remove your liner and trim at your mark.