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Woman Creates a Makeshift Prosthetic Leg for Her Husband

    Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in March, Steve Watson’s appointment for a new prosthetic leg had to be pushed back. So, his wife Atchari Watson put her creativity to work to create a makeshift prosthetic leg for her husband.

     Atchari Watson creates a makeshift prosthetic leg for her husband.

    The couple lives in County Durham in North-East England, and they used to run a Thai restaurant together before Steve badly broke his leg in a five-foot fall in 2018. Currently, Steve works as a teaching assistant. After undergoing a series of operations, the father-of-three agreed to have the lower part of his right leg amputated in January.

    Atchari’s first attempt at creating a makeshift prosthetic leg involved their son’s seaside bucket, a piece of wood, and fiberglass resin. However, the leg kept sliding off. It wasn’t safe for Steve to use.

    On Atchari’s second try, she used an old walking boot, which Steve used when he had a cast on his leg, and a piece of wood from the shed. Atchari had the walking cast cut in half and used screws to attach it to the wood.

    The second attempt produced a more viable prosthetic leg. Although Steve won’t be using the prosthetic leg all the time, he says it is useful for walking around their house and garden.

    In an interview with, Steve said he’s thankful for his makeshift leg. This way, he wouldn’t need to divert anybody’s attention in the NHS from helping those who are in need the most.

    Although the pandemic has delayed his chance to use his new prosthetic leg, his wife’s resourcefulness and creativity have certainly inspired many.