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Walk Gracefully With the BionicM Bio Leg

    If you are searching for an advanced prosthetic leg that enables you to move around effortlessly and provides a natural feel in every step you take, Bio Leg by BionicM, a Tokyo-based company, is worth considering. Bio Leg is a motor-powered microprocessor knee that mimics natural movement and enhances physical activities by compensating for lost muscle strength.

     Walk gracefully with the BionicM Bio Leg

    It replaces muscle strength  

    Bio Leg is designed to replace muscle strength and support the user's movements in various situations, such as climbing stairs, getting up from a chair, and walking. It can also assist in raising leg movements by extending the knee and helping in lifting the body through motor drive.

    The prosthetic leg offers a wide range of functions to ensure smooth and safe movement for the wearer. One of the most impressive features of this prosthetic leg is its ability to bend following the wearer's timing, preventing the prosthetic toe from catching on the step and allowing for smooth movement. This makes it easier for the wearer to descend stairs smoothly and safely, as the prosthetic leg can be fully grounded when the knee is bent.

    Additionally, the Bio Leg features a yielding function that allows the prosthetic leg to brake when the knee is bent, ensuring that the wearer can safely descend while putting weight on the prosthetic leg.

    It makes standing up from a chair safe and efficient  

    The Bio Leg is also equipped with an assist function that helps the wearer to stand up from a chair safely and efficiently. This function lifts the body upward when weight is put on both the prosthetic and sound side legs, making it possible for the wearer to stand up confidently. Furthermore, the assist function also helps bend and stretch the prosthetic leg following the wearer's movements, accommodating various walking styles. This includes fast walking, regular walking, and short gait walking.

    To ensure a seamless experience for the user, the Bio Leg is equipped with multiple sensors that recognize minute changes and adjust the pace of walking accordingly. This means that the wearer can live with less awareness of the prosthetic leg, as the Bio Leg can adapt to their movements without them even noticing.

    When the prosthetic knee is bent, the prosthetic leg can still extend and exert force, allowing the user to put weight on it without worrying about knee buckling. This enables the user to rely on the prosthetic leg while standing up to rest. Overall, the Bio Leg is an incredible prosthetic leg that offers a range of functions to enhance the wearer's mobility and improve their quality of life.

    The Bio Leg comes with an app that allows the user to adjust the assist force, as well as other settings and features. The app allows the user to check the remaining battery level and change notification sounds conveniently.

    BionicM is a research organization working on innovative technologies since 2015. The research is conducted at the University of Tokyo's Information Systems Engineering Laboratory, under the guidance of Professor Inaba, using the world's most advanced robotics research. In 2016, BionicM was selected for the "Program for Creating Start-Ups from Advanced Research and Technology" (START) by the Japan Science and Technology Agency. Following this, the organization was officially established in 2018.