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Kinnex 2.0: Computer-Controlled Prosthetic Foot

    Kinnex 2.0 by Freedom Innovations integrates the world's fastest responding microprocessor ankle/foot technology and carbon fiber to provide low- to moderate-impact prosthetic users the stability they expect instantly.

     The Kinnex 2.0 is designed to provide low to moderate-impact prosthetic users the stability they expect instantly.

    Low- to moderate-impact prosthetic users are defined as those with the ability or potential to walk without a cane at different walking speeds. People at this "K3 level" can overcome most environmental barriers, like uneven ground. They may also participate in any exercise or therapeutic activity that demands using their prosthetic limbs beyond simple walking.


    The Kinnex 2.0 boasts unmatched ground compliance, improved comfort, and automated heel height adjustments of up to two inches to keep users firmly grounded and connected in both wet and dry environments. 

    With an IP67 rating, the Kinnex 2.0 allows you to immerse the prosthetic limb in three feet (one meter) of freshwater for up to 30 minutes.

    The prosthetic foot also features 10-degree dorsiflexion (drawing your toes toward your shins), 20-degree plantarflexion (the top of the foot draw away from the leg), totaling 30 degrees of microprocessor-controlled motion. This computer-controlled motion allows you to navigate environmental obstacles, like uneven terrain, ramps, slopes, and stairs, with more stability and confidence. The improved motion on the Kinnex 2.0 reduces internal socket pressures and improves your comfort while standing, sitting, or squatting.

    The Kinnex 2.0 also features a manual lock so you can quickly lock out the ankle for certain activities, such as driving.

    The Kinnex 2.0 weighs 3.28 lbs or 1.49 kg without the footshell. Charging time takes three hours, and battery life can last up to 24 hours on a single charge.  

    Connection and specs  

    To set up the device, prosthetists only need to use a smartphone and access the Kinnex GaitLab app.

    After set up, you can make heel adjustments, monitor battery status, fine-tune performance and comfort settings, and select shoes with the Kinnex Patient app.