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7 Characteristics of Mentally Strong People

    When a person is mentally strong, they can deal with challenges, stressors, and pressures in their day-to-day lives. They are also able to perform to the best of their ability regardless of their current circumstances.

     7 defining characteristics of mentally strong people.

    But how do they do it?

    Mentally strong people are defined by their healthy habits. Through these habits, they can better manage their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in ways that set them up for success in life. However, building mental strength is not just about being successful; it’s also about living your best life.

    In this article, we break down some of the defining characteristics of mentally strong people. 

    They accept that they are not in control all the time.  

    Life is full of surprises. No matter how much you prepare, some things are bound to be beyond control. For example, instead of getting upset over a traffic jam, a mentally strong person might shift their focus toward learning something new by listening to a podcast or mentally going over their to-do list. This way, they turn their attention to things that they can control, like their attitude.

    They don’t aim to please everyone.  

    It’s impossible to please everyone all the time. Mentally strong people accept this, which makes them unafraid to say no or speak up when necessary. While it’s important to strive to be kind and fair, it’s not your responsibility anymore if other people get upset. You are not responsible for their happiness.

    They don’t dwell on the past.  

    It’s easy to dwell on the past and get caught in a series of could-haves, should-haves, and would-haves.”However, you can’t do anything about the past now.

    Mentally strong people accept this fact, and instead, redirect their energy towards learning everything they can from experience. This way, they avoid making the same mistakes and move on with their lives.

    They don’t resent others’ success.  

    It’s easy to compare your current situation with others and end up resenting their successes. However, this is detrimental to your mental health.

    Instead, mentally strong people appreciate and even celebrate the success of other people. They don’t feel cheated or jealous or think that the universe owes them something. They recognize that everyone who attains success has worked for it, and they are willing to put in the work to achieve success themselves.  

    They don’t waste time feeling sorry for themselves.  

    While it’s essential to process your thoughts and emotions, spending way too much time wallowing in self-pity is counter-productive. This is why mentally strong people usually don’t sit around bemoaning their circumstances. Instead, they take responsibility for their roles in certain situations and understand that things don’t always go their way.

    They don’t resist change.  

    Change is the only thing that’s consistent with life. Mentally strong people accept this and are willing to be flexible.

    They also know that taking calculated risks is vital if they want to improve their circumstances. They weigh the pros and cons of every choice before making a decision. So, before they take action, they are fully informed of the potential downsides, which fully prepares them to deal with failure.

    They don’t expect instant results.  

    Modern society has conditioned us to expect instant results. But life doesn’t work that way. Whether you’re learning how to use your new prosthetic limb, improving your health, or launching a new business, things take time.

    Mentally strong people know this, and instead, do their best in every situation and wait patiently for real change.


    In the list above, which areas do you excel in? And which areas do you need to improve? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

    7 defining characteristics of mentally strong people.