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Silipos DuraGel Suspension Sleeve, Reinforced Knee, Mineral Oil Gel, 3 mm


Silipos DuraGel Suspension Sleeve, Reinforced Knee, Mineral Oil Gel, 3 mm

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Silipos DuraGel Suspension Sleeve Description

Silipos DuraGel Suspension Sleeve is a prosthetic sleeve intended for moderate to high activity levels. The Silipos Duragel Reinforced Suspension Sleeve contains an inner fabric reinforcement to prevent premature wear from sharp socket trimelines. Silipos’ patented tri-block gel formulation moisturizes and conditions your skin. Silipos calls this there DuraGel Suspension Sleeve because its outer fabric covering is really durable and abrasion resistant. Silipos claims that the outer fabric may be cut in order to fit your limb. The side seams will not unravel and doe not require glue. Silipos DuraGel sleeve contains 3mm of mineral oil gel that will completely conform to your leg and will not bunch in the back when bending your knee. This is the prosthetic sleeve you want to consider if you are a moderate to weekend warrior enjoying the outdoors. The Silipos DuraGel Reinforced prosthetic sleeve will provide you with a new level of confidence when considering improved suction suspension and the benefits of mineral oil gel.


  • Silipos DuraGel Sleeve has an internal fabric reinforcement to prevent socket trimelines from wearing through gel material
  • Employs Silipos’ new abrasion resistant outer fabric for higher activity prosthetic users
  • 3mm mineral oil gel
  • Gel creates a secondary suction suspension that makes your prosthetic leg “feel lighter”
  • Silipos DuraGel Sleeve is very easy to take on and off
  • Latex free and hypoallergenic
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold individually in polybag

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Features & Details

Silipos DuraGel Suspension Sleeve Materials

Silipos unique tri-block polymer gel. Reinforced sleeve with polyester insert.

Directions for Use

Always clean and completely dry your residual limb. Use of fragrance free soaps are preferred. Silipos recommends that you do not use additives, additional creams, lubricants, petroleum jelly, sectored or unscented powders or alcohol based products on your residual limb prior to using your Silipos DuraGel Suspension Sleeve.

Before applying DuraGel Suspension Sleeve: Your Prosthetist should determine where the suspension sleeve should reside on the actual socket to provide optimal suspension and function. Invert (turn inside out) the bottom six inches of the sleeve an check the gel surface, removing any and all dirt that may remain after washing and drying.

Rolling the Silipos DuraGel Suspension Sleeve: Center (Position) the suspension sleeve on the prosthesis and roll down so that the gel is in contact with the socket and is located where your Prosthetist has indicated. This should completely cover the lowest cutout behind the knee on the prosthesis to maintain suction. Fit your residual limb into the socket (gel liner, foam liner, socks or sheaths). Roll the DuraGel sleeve up the leg (gel on the inside) over the knee and up the thigh. Do not pull, please roll the sleeve. Pull may create irritation along the top of your thigh. Pause every 2”-3” to keep the sleeve centered on the leg. Smooth out any wrinkles on the top, sides or behind your knee.

Tech Tip: If there are wrinkles behind your knee, gently pull the sleeve away from the skin and flex or bend your knee slowly. You should be able to easily remove all wrinkles in this manner.

Tech Tip: Amputees who experience an irritation around the top of the sleeve, on the thigh, may be “pulling” the sleeve causing extra shear stress on their skin/gel interface.

Note to new or first time users: Most users of the DuraGel sleeve feel a gentle compression when first using. Some amputees have a more difficult time stretching and rolling the sleeve up the limb when they have side thighs or calves. To minimize this effect please follow the following procedure: Unroll and re-roll the DuraGel Suspension Sleeve several times allows the fabric/gel combination to begin to conform to your specific limb’s anatomy, thereby equalizing some of these pressures. Be aware that some patients will require several days to become comfortable with the snub feeling of any roll on suspension sleeve that we offer on If the DuraGel Suspension sleeve is still too difficult to roll on, additional customization may be necessary by your Prosthetist. It is not uncommon for gel suspension users to experience perspiration for the first few days to weeks. This is natural while the body adjust to being completely in contact with the gel. Most amputees’ bodies will naturally adjust to this over time. Some people will consider an antiperspirant is sweating becomes unmanageable. It is not uncommon for the gel to change color with use.

Removing the DuraGel Suspension Sleeve at the end of the day: Starting from the top, gently pull the sleeve away from the skin at the top edge and begin to unroll the sleeve down the leg and over the knee until the limb can be removed from the socket. Do not pull the sleeve, or pull the fabric away from the gel, always roll the sleeve slowly. After removal of the limb from the socket, unroll the bottom of the sleeve and remove from the prosthesis. Check the gel for any dirt or foreign material.

Care Instructions

Maintaining proper hygiene is essential to healthy daily living as a prosthetic user. The DuraGel Suspension Sleeve must be thoroughly cleaned and dried at the end of each day. Hand wash with water and mild detergent. Many people use fragrance free, antibacterial soaps. Disinfecting the Sleeve beyond the use of daily soap and water is not necessary. Do not scrub the gel surface of the DuraGel Suspension Sleeve. Scrubbing may damage the gel surface. Dry the inside gel by patting with a lint free cloth. Turn the sleeve with fabric outside and dry in the same manner. Allow to air dry, keeping the sleeve away from direct heat, including hair dryers. Ask your Prosthetist about other methods that they may endorse. Storing: Always insert the foam spacer provided to maintain shape of the sleeve when not in use and store in a cool dry place.


Do not wear your Silipos DuraGel Suspension Sleeve for more than 20 hours daily. Do not place the DuraGel sleeve on open wounds, excoriated or abraded skin. Discontinue use of this suspension sleeve if discomfort, poor circulation, and/or change in skin color or texture occurs.

Part Numbers (SKUs)

Size DuraGel Reinforced
Medium 18191
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Large 18193
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