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Silipos Distal End Pad, Gel Cushion, 4in (10cm) Diameter, 1/8in (3-4mm) Thick

by Silipos


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Silipos Distal End Pad, Gel Cushion, 4in (10cm) Diameter, 1/8in (3-4mm) Thick

by Silipos


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  • Distal End Pad provides ultra cushioning to bottom of your limb against shock from stepping off a curb
  • Cost effective and light weight gel solution that can be combined with other prosthetic products such as socks, leather, foam, gel liners and sheaths
  • Distal End Pad reduces abrasion while moisturizing and conditioning your limb
  • Great for new amputees who loose volume and length from shrinkage and limb maturation
  • Grab a scissors and customize to shape your end pad
  • Approximately 1/8in (3-4mm) thick and 4in (10cm) in diameter
  • Edge is beveled for exceptional prosthetic user comfort and skin protection
  • Dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, washable and reusable
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold individually in a sealed polybag

The Silipos Distal End Pad is a gel solution intended to be placed in the bottom of your prosthetic socket to provide shock absorption and friction relief. The Distal End Pad is made with Silipos’ medical grade mineral oil providing pressure and abrasion relief. Any amputation level can use these gel end pads. Above and below knee amputees can place a gel distal end pad along the bottom of socket. Prosthetic users can add a pad to their morning sock or liner regimen. Prior to adding your prosthetic socks or liner you can first place a Silipos Distal End Pad onto the bottom of your limb and then pull up your amputee socks or roll on your prosthetic liner. If you are using a foam liner you can test adding a gel pad to the bottom for extra cushion and help prevent socket pistoning.


Silipos medical grade mineral oil

Directions for Use

Wash and dry your residual limb. Place a Silipos Silopad Double Layer Distal End Pad at the bottom end of your prosthetic socket of either a prosthesis or amputated limb. Silipos Distal End Pad may be cut or trimmed to desired size to fit a prosthetic socket.

Care Instructions

Silipos recommends that you had wash your Silipos Distal End Pad with mild soap and water. Rinse thoroughly. Pat off excess water and lay flat to completely air dry. Lightly dust gel with talcum powder after drying to decrease tackiness of the Silipos Distal End Pad.


Do not place a Silipos Distal End Pad on an open wound. If irritation, discomfort, or poor circulation occurs, discontinue use and notify your physician or Prosthetist immediately. Do not wear your Silipos Distal End Pad for more than 20 hours daily.

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