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Ottobock Derma Protection Knee Sleeve, Sealing Sleeve, Vacuum Approved

by Ottobock


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Ottobock Derma Protection Knee Sleeve, Sealing Sleeve, Vacuum Approved

by Ottobock



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  • Derma Protection Sleeve constructed with copolymer gel offer full freedom of knee movement.
  • Durable sealing & vacuum prosthetic sleeve made from a tear resistant gel
  • Derma Protection Sleeve gel material is comfortable on the thigh and provides optimum adhesion to your prosthetic leg

The Ottobock Derma Protection Knee Sleeve is a transtibial (BK) suspension sleeve that provides optimal adherence to the socket and skin, while maximizing your knee‘s freedom of movement. The inside of the Derma Protection Knee Comfort is coated with (TPE) polymer gel and textile on the outside.  This OttoBock sleeve is happy being your primary prosthetic suspension and is designed for low to moderate intensity prosthetic users.  OttoBock approves this knee sleeve for use with their Harmony Vacuum system.


Polymer Gel (TPE)

Care Instructions

Ottobock strongly recommends that derma protection prosthetic sleeves be laundered after 8 - 16 hours of wear, and allowed to dry completely before applying to the prosthesis. Machine wash, No bleach or solvents, Delicate cycle, Air Dry Thoroughly.


Derma Protection Knee sleeves should not be worn on injured skin. Keep your prosthetic sleeve out of reach of children for risk of suffocation. Patients with severe diabetes or blood circulation problems have to contact a physician before using a knee sleeve.

Otto Bock Product Numbers
Size Otto Bock Product Number
Size 1 453A2=1
Size 2 453A2=2
Size 3 453A2=3
Size 4 453A2=4


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