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Ossur Iceross Pads, Silicone, Impact Reduction, 10 mm

by Ossur


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Ossur Iceross Pads, Silicone, Impact Reduction, 10 mm

by Ossur


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  • Non-allergenic silicone pads for the bottom of your prosthetic socket
  • 10mm thickness pads
  • Indicated for nearly any type of prosthetic socket, even inside a prosthetic liner
  • Iceross Pads add cushioning and softness to your prosthesis for the bottom end of your limb.
  • Prosthetic Iceross Pads help alleviate that pounding sensation, especially when stepping off a curb
  • Ossur Pads is available in 7 sizes
  • Sold each, one per bag

Iceross Pads are made from Össur's proprietary Sensil medical-grade silicone to provide softness that ensures cushioning and pressure relief in highly loaded areas. The unique semi-liquid qualities of Sensil also make Iceross Pads ideal as fillers for deep voids and scarred residual limbs. One or more can be used for pressure distribution or padding by simply placing the pads on the residual limb. The high adherence of the silicone will hold a pad in place while the Iceross is being rolled on. Iceross Pads can also be used for volume replacement along the bottom as well.

Medical Grade Silicone



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