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STEP 1: Find your size

To determine the correct Iceross size:

  1. Measure the circumference of your residual limb at 4 cm up from the bottom end.
  2. Choose the Iceross size, which corresponds to your measurement or is immediately below the indicated measurement.

Never choose a liner size that exceeds your measurement. Example: If the residual limb measures 24.5 cm at the indicated location, choose Iceross size 23.5 not size 25. Selecting the correct size is very important.

If you're in-between sizes, we suggest remeasuring again to be on safe side. If the size you arrived at after measuring seems too big or small, in some cases it helps to use the size of your current liner as a very rough guide. If your old liner is an Ossur liner the size is printed on the front. Continue to STEP 2: Length


Ossur Iceform Prosthetic Liner sizing chart.

STEP 2: Length

Length is a matter of preference. You can trim this liner with a very sharp scissors. Start by applying your Iceross Comfort Liner and mark on the liner where you want to trim. Remove your liner and trim at your mark.


When measuring your thigh, pay special attention to how tight you take your measurement. It's best to pull the ends of your tape measure somewhat tight and then release. Your goal is to find a middle ground of how much tension you should apply to your measuring tape. Too tight and too loose will both result in a poorly fitting prosthetic liner.




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Ossur Iceross Comfort Liner, Cushion & Locking, Soft Silicone


Ossur Iceross Comfort Liner, Cushion & Locking, Soft Silicone

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Ossur Iceross Prosthetic Liner Description

The Ossur Iceross Comfort Liner is the perfect blend of performance and comfort. Ossur designed this prosthetic liner for prosthetic users that casually walk around their neighborhoods, go to shops or take light hikes. Constructed using 6 millimeter soft silicone, the Iceross Comfort Liner is the ideal liner for prosthetic users with sensitive skin, boney areas, or conically shaped limbs.

Many prosthetic liners on the market use a "one size umbrella" along the bottom--which is the area for accepting the locking pin. The Ossur Iceross Comfort Locking Liner uses size specific umbrellas, eliminating sloppy liner fits from an umbrella that is too large relative to the size of the bottom end of your residual limb. This is a game changer for those amputees with a conical shaped residual limb.

Ossur's stabilizing matrix on the pin lock version ensures liner elongation is at a minimum. When a prosthetic liner elongates or stretches from the weight of your prosthesis, pistoning occurs, which can lead to skin irritation from the up and down movement. Incorporating a matrix or web within the silicone material, lessens pistoning creating a more secure and stable fit.

The Ossur Comfort Cushion Liner incorporates an extra thick end pad, made with the same soft silicone to cushion your sensitive residual limbs. This silicone liner will conform to the end of your residual limb for added protection and comfort.

The Ossur Comfort Cushion Liner is not intended for suspension, but rather protection and typically a prosthetic sleeve is used in combination with this liner. Ossur's Iceform Prosthetic Sleeve would work exceptionally well in providing secure and stable suspension.

Read our Prosthetic Liner Guide for more information on prosthetic liners.


  • Ossur's soft silicone provides protection for boney areas
  • Provides the performance of silicone with the comfort of gel
  • 6 millimeter Uniform thickness soft silicone
  • Designed for low to moderate activity levels
  • Strong and flexible fabric covering
  • Available in cushion and locking versions
  • Stabilizing matrix to prevent liner elongation
  • Silken inner surface conforms to your skin
  • Latex free and hypoallergenic
  • Locking pin is not included
  • *Not vacuum approved as a replacement for the gel liner initially provided with your Vacuum System
  • Made in Iceland
  • Sold individually

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Features & Details

Ossur Iceross Prosthetic Liner Material

Medical Grade Soft Silicone

Directions for Use

Wash and dry your residual limb. To put the Ossur Iceross Comfort Locking Liner on, roll this prosthetic product up from the bottom versus pulling it on. For removal, roll the prosthetic liner from the top down.

Care Instructions

Ossur recommends that this prosthetic liner be hand washed with mild soap and water (or washed in a gentle machine cycle) after each use. Rinse thoroughly. Do Not bleach. After washing, pat excess water off with a towel and lay flat to air dry 24-36 hours. Turn it inside out to thoroughly dry. If you want to machine dry your prosthetic liner, dry on air dry/low temperature setting. Turn repeated process should be done on 20 minute intervals. It’s not advisable to wear or store your Ossur Iceross Comfort Locking Liner when damp. It is suggested by Ossur that amputees use an alternate fresh liner while the other one is being washed and dried.


Do not place your Ossur Iceross Locking Liner on an open wound. If irritation, discomfort or poor circulation occurs, discontinue use and notify your physician or Prosthetist immediately. Do not wear a Ossur Iceross Locking Liner for more than 20 hours daily.

Part Numbers (SKUs)

Size SKU
16 I-500616
18 I-500618
20 I-500620
22 I-500622
23.5 I-500623
25 I-500625
26.5 I-500626
28 I-500628
30 I-500630
32 I-500632
34 I-500634
36 I-500636
40 I-500640
45 I-500645


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