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Ossur Genu Prosthetic Sleeve with Protector Sleeve, Air Tight Suspension, Vacuum Approved

by Ossur


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Ossur Genu Prosthetic Sleeve with Protector Sleeve, Air Tight Suspension, Vacuum Approved

by Ossur


  • Genu Sleeve is designed for Moderate to High Activity prosthetic users
  • Works with Elevated Vacuum Systems
  • Ossur’s round-knit technology allows for contouring virtually wrinkle-free fit
  • Optimal Adhesion for great suspension
  • Longitudinal-knit cuff allows generous radial stretch for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Free Ossur Sleeve Protector included with Genu sleeve
  • Flexible knit and thin coating translates to high freedom of movement
  • Smooth outer textile slides easily against itself for simple on/off
  • Easy installation onto your prosthesis
  • Sold individually

The Ossur Genu Sleeve is a TPE gel prosthetic sleeve with a fabric covering is intended for moderate to active below-knee prosthetic users. Ossur Genu sleeves gel surface is softer than silicone and provides optimal skin adhesion and sealing that you would expect from a high end suspension sleeve. TPE gel typically is gentler on your skin in comparison to other materials. In an effort to balance function and durability Ossur decided to include with every Genu Sleeve a free sleeve protector. Thanks to the special Ossur round-knit technology the Ossur Genu Sleeve kneecap is seamless and extremely flexible. This permits your prosthetic sleeve to contour to your thigh and prosthesis and guarantees a virtually wrinkle-free fit. The special gel coating on the inside ensures an air-tight lock between the socket and skin, creating a secure feeling.


TPE Gel with knit fabric cover

Care Instructions

The Ossur Prosthetic Genu Sleeve should be washed with neutral soap. To do this turn the Ossur Genu Sleeve inside thoroughly and clean with a neutral soap, rinse with plenty of cold water, and dry off any surplus water with a lint-free cloth. The outside of the Ossur Genu Prosthetic Sleeve can be cleaned with a damp cloth.


Please note that many shower gels, soaps, bath additives, deodorants, perfumes, alcohol sprays etc. can cause skin irritation. In order to prevent possible problems please do not use such articles when using the Ossur Genu Sleeve. Ossur suggests replacing your Ossur Genu Sleeve every three to six months.


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