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Knit-Rite Power Pull Donning Sock, Nylon Donning Device

by Knit Rite


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Knit-Rite Power Pull Donning Sock, Nylon Donning Device

by Knit Rite


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  • Power Pull Sock is a single piece integral design for a longer lasting donning sock
  • Pain free technique that avoids the burning, rubbing and irritation associated with the traditional ace wrap or stockinette donning method
  • Power Pull is intended for Above-the-Knee amputees that use a suction and valve socket suspension design
  • Made from 100% Nylon
  • Sold each

Knit-Rite Power Pull Donning Sock is designed for applying AK suction suspending prosthetic legs. In comparison to other donning aids, Knit-Rite traveled down a different path when they engineered the Power Pull Sock. It’s still constructed from nylon like other donning aids, however the material feels different with a less “crunchy” and a slicker feel. The Power Pull Donning Sock has a single piece integral design providing a more direct and effective experience. Knit-Rite eliminated stress points for a more durable Power Pull Sock.


Rip Stop Nylon

Directions for Use

The Knit-Rite Power Pull Donning Sock is easy to use. Simply reflect the inner layer into the outer layer, don the Power Pull onto your the limb, insert the "tail" through the valve hole, and pull in with the greatest of ease. If you realize your residual limb is not positioned inside your socket properly, this procedure has to be repeated.

Care Instructions

Power Pull may only be washed by hand a low temperatures (30 degree celcius). Only dry your Power Pull Sock with a towel and Do Not iron. Never clean or treat your Power Pull with bleach. Do not expose the Power Pull to sources of heat like bright sunlight, heaters and so on.


Be careful! Do not step on the Knit-Rite Power Pull Donning Sock as the highly slippery material makes it a slipping hazard.

Power Pull Product Numbers
Size Knit-Rite Product Number
X-Small 3MPP08XS
Small 3MPP10SM
Medium 3MPP12MD
Large 3MPP14LG
X-Large 3MPP16XL


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