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iWalk 3.0 Hands Free Crutch by iWalkFree

by iWalk Free


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iWalk 3.0 Hands Free Crutch by iWalkFree

by iWalk Free


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  • iWalk 3.0 has just rendered crutches and scooters obsolete
  • Walk efficiently and safely using this hands free crutch
  • Is your Prosthetist servicing your BK prosthetic leg for an extended time? No problem, iWalk 3.0 is a suitable temporary alternative.
  • Eliminate underarm pain from crutches or save your wrists from walkers
  • Easily apply or remove your iWalk 3.0 in minutes. Learning is quick, walk confidently within 30 minutes.
  • Takes seconds to put on or take off. Learning is easy - walk confidently in only minutes - easy and comfortable to use. Navigate stairs and tight spaces in comfort and ease, hands free - something you cannot do with crutches or knee scooters.
  • iWalk 3.0 is for below knee amputees who need stability while walking.  You must be of average strength and average balance. Before you buy, read the requirements listed in the description.
  • Stop crutching and start iWALKing today!

iWalk 3.0 from iWalk-free is an ingenious solution for below knee amputees who are motivated to stay mobile. Maybe your Prosthetist needed to keep your prosthesis for servicing or you are awaiting your first leg. Regardless, walking with crutches can be painful on your wrists and underneath your arm. Start iWalking hands free and comfortably by evenly distributing your weight through your knee and shin areas for extended periods. 

Redesigned knee pad redistributes pressure for a more comfortable fit.

Secures onto your leg using only 3 straps. And once you adjust these straps your strap settings are saved. It typically takes 15-30 minutes to get the hang of it before you’re hands free. If you feel the need to use your hand, you can easily and comfortably grab the handle in the front along the thigh area.

Who can use an iWalk3.0?

Rule of Thumb - If you can ascend or descend stairs, and you do not REQUIRE the hand rail for support or balance, then you absolutely have the physical capabilities to use the iWALK3.0.

iWALK3.0 is not suited for you if:

  • You do not have average strength or balance
  • You cannot bend your injured leg 90 degrees
  • Your injury is to the knee or above the knee
  • You had mobility limitations prior to your injury
  • You have use limitations in your uninjured leg
  • You are not motivated to use the iWALK3.0
  • You are not willing to follow our instructions on learning to use iWALK3.0 initially
  • You have proprioception impairment, i.e. diabetic neuropathy
  • You are under 4'10" or taller than 6'6"
  • You weigh over 275 lbs.

IWALK3.0 will work great for you if:

  • You are motivated to use the iWALK 3.0
  • You are willing to follow our instructions on learning to use the iWALK 3.0 initially
  • You are between 4'10" and 6'6" tall
  • You weigh 275 pounds or less
  • You can bend your injured leg 90 degrees at the knee

Age Limits - There are none! But physical condition varies from individual to individual - especially in the elderly. iWALK 3.0 has been used successfully by users in their 70's and beyond. If age is a concern, before you purchase, read all of the qualifications above to determine if iWALK 3.0 will work for you. Personal assesment and sound judgement are your best tools to determine if an elderly candidate will succeed  on the iWalk 3.0.

What about Diabetics?

Diabetic foot ulcer conditions are often accompanied by bi-lateral Neuropathy, or damage to the peripheral nerves in the feet. This can cause numbness and reduced proprioception, making basic balance difficult. If you have difficulty balancing on your non-affected limb, then you probably will not succeed with the iWalk 3.0. Try this- if, in addition to the other qualifications described above, you can stand unassisted on only your unaffected foot for 30 seconds, then you may be capable of using the iWALK3.0. In cases of Neuropathy, iWalk Free always recommends you check with y our physician or therapist prior to using the iWalk 3.0.


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