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Knit-Rite Soft Sock with Coolmax Materials

95.6% Coolmax Extreme 4.4% Lycra

Care Instructions


When applying your Knit Rite Soft Sock with Coolmax pay special attention to avoid pulling the sock to thin along the bottom end of your residual limb.  Typically the greatest sock ply thickness is needed along the bottom. When a prosthetic sock is pulled-on vs layed-on, amputees run the risk of turning a 5 ply sock into a 3 ply sock.

Wash your Knit-Rite Soft-Socks every day right side out. Machine wash with all purpose detergent similar to Medi-Care Wash, non-chlorine bleach only when needed Rinse thoroughly and pull taut, toe to top. No liquid softeners. Last tumble dry, low heat.


Wear a clean soft sock prosthetic sock every day for proper residual limb care. Make sure to have a large enough prosthetic sock supply to keep your socks in rotation and prevent packing down of the soft sock’s fibers.

Part Numbers (SKUs)

Child | Short Lightweight No 1SP1CHSH
Child | Short Lightweight Yes 1SPSCHSH
Child | Short 3 Ply No 1SP3CHSH
Child | Short 3 Ply Yes 1SP3SCSH
Child | Short 5 Ply No 1SP5CHSH
Child | Short 5 Ply Yes 1SP5SCSH
Narrow | Short Lightweight No 1SP1NASH
Narrow | Short Lightweight Yes 1SPSNASH
Narrow | Short 3 Ply No 1SP3NASH
Narrow | Short 3 Ply Yes 1SP3SNSH
Narrow | Short 5 Ply No 1SP5NASH
Narrow | Short 5 Ply Yes 1SP5SNSH
Narrow | Medium Lightweight No 1SP1NAMD
Narrow | Medium Lightweight Yes 1SPSNAMD
Narrow | Medium 3 Ply No 1SP3NAMD
Narrow | Medium 3 Ply Yes 1SP3SNMD
Narrow | Medium 5 Ply No 1SP5NAMD
Narrow | Medium 5 Ply Yes 1SP5SNMD
Narrow | Long Lightweight No 1SP1NALG
Narrow | Long 3 Ply No 1SP3NALG
Narrow | Long 5 Ply No 1SP5NALG
Regular | X-Short Lightweight No 1SP1RGXS
Regular | X-Short Lightweight Yes 1SPSRGXS
Regular | X-Short 3 Ply No 1SP3RGXS
Regular | X-Short 3 Ply Yes 1SP3SRXS
Regular | X-Short 5 Ply No 1SP5RGXS
Regular | X-Short 5 Ply Yes 1SP5SRXS
Regular | Short Lightweight No 1SP1RGSH
Regular | Short Lightweight Yes 1SPSRGSH
Regular | Short 3 Ply No 1SP3RGSH
Regular | Short 3 Ply Yes 1SP3SRSH
Regular | Short 5 Ply No 1SP5RGSH
Regular | Short 5 Ply Yes 1SP5SRSH
Regular | Medium Lightweight No 1SP1RGMD
Regular | Medium Lightweight Yes 1SPSRGMD
Regular | Medium 3 Ply No 1SP3RGMD
Regular | Medium 3 Ply Yes 1SP3SRMD
Regular | Medium 5 Ply No 1SP5RGMD
Regular | Medium 5 Ply Yes 1SP5SRMD
Regular | Long Lightweight No 1SP1RGLG
Regular | Long Lightweight Yes 1SPSRGLG
Regular | Long 3 Ply No 1SP3RGLG
Regular | Long 3 Ply Yes 1SP3SRLG
Regular | Long 5 Ply No 1SP5RGLG
Regular | Long 5 Ply Yes 1SP5SRLG
Wide | Short Lightweight No 1SP1WDSH
Wide | Short Lightweight Yes 1SPSWDSH
Wide | Short 3 Ply No 1SP3WDSH
Wide | Short 3 Ply Yes 1SP3SWSH
Wide | Short 5 Ply No 1SP5WDSH
Wide | Short 5 Ply Yes 1SP5SWSH
Wide | Medium Lightweight No 1SP1WDMD
Wide | Medium Lightweight Yes 1SPSWDMD
Wide | Medium 3 Ply No 1SP3WDMD
Wide | Medium 3 Ply Yes 1SP3SWMD
Wide | Medium 5 Ply No 1SP5WDMD
Wide | Medium 5 Ply Yes 1SP5SWMD


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Knit-Rite Soft Sock with Coolmax typically ships within 24 hours.

Estimated Product Dimensions (inches): L 9 W 7.5 H 0.5

Estimated Product Weight:.15lbs

Product Packaging: Polybag