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Adaptlabs Adaptskin Skin Ointment, 4 oz jar

by Adapt Labs


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Adaptlabs Adaptskin Skin Ointment, 4 oz jar

by Adapt Labs



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Viscosity (Thickness)

  • Adapt skin uses medical grade lanolin which offers awesome benefits for your skin because it’s able to hold 400 times its weight in water; think…moisture reservoir for your residual limb!
  • Contains lubricating additives similar to Resilience Prosthetic Salve  to help avoid skin cell damage caused by excessive prosthetic socket friction or rubbing.
  • Adaptskin 50 is typically used by amputees searching for general skin protection from everyday common prosthetic use issues.
  • Adaptskin 90 is a thicker skin conditioner for more severe indications including Folliculitis, Cellulitis and Boils. These prosthetic skin issues are caused by a lack of air circulation and trapped perspiration.
  • Safe for all skin types and contains no synthetic preservatives.
  • Note: If you wear an Ottobock or OWW prosthetic liner or sleeve, it is recommended by these manufactures to avoid skincare products that contain Lanolin; this ingredient can deteriorate their gel and silicone over time.  
  • Citrus scent
  • 4 oz. Jar Net Weight

Adaptskin by Adaptlabs is a prosthetic skin care product specifically designed as a prosthetic skin protectant and conditioner for amputees. Adaptskin is available in two viscosities; standard and very thick formulas. If you’re trying decide which formula to choose, either the 50 or 90, please consider the following. Adaptlabs designed their Adaptkin 50 formula for those normal day-to-day skin issues such as chaffing, rubbing related to your prosthetic socket, heat rashes and dry skin. Their Adaptskin 90 is designed for prosthetic users dealing with more severe skin issues. For example, if you are suffering through painful dry skin, cracking, new or tender skin, or recently healed wounds you may want to consider Adaptlabs’ thicker version Adaptskin 90.

Adaptskin is designed for all amputation and skin types. Adaptskin contains lanolin and is not compatible with prosthetic locking liners made with mineral oil based gel, urethane and silicone materials. All Adaptskin ingredients are clinically proven safe and effective. When using Adaptlabs Adaptskin you will notice that this product will dissolve on contact once applied to those trouble areas to fortify your skin’s natural friction fighting defenses.

Note: A limited number of prosthetic manufacturers do not recommended using Adaptlabs Adaptskin with their sleeves or liners because it contains
animal fats, oil or hydrocarbon oils that can harm your prosthetic liner or sleeve.

Adapt Labs Adaptskin Ingredients

Petrolatum, Beeswax, Cyclomethicone, Coconut Oil, Modfied Lanolin USP, Lemon Oil

Directions for Use

For best results Adaptlabs suggests cleaning those affected areas with a hypoallergenic prosthetic cleanser and allow your skin to dry. Gently massage Adaptskin 50 or 90 into those affected areas for at least one minute or until your skin feels smooth and non greasy.


Do not apply over open wounds or infected areas. Adaptskin contains animal fats and is its use is not recommend by Gel and Silicone Liner/Sleeve manufactures.

Adapt Labs Adaptskin Product Numbers

Viscosity SKU
Adaptskin 50 AS5004J
Adaptskin 90 AS9004J


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