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Knit-Rite Power Short Auxiliary Suspension Belt, Continuous Waist, Universal Side

by Knit Rite


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Knit-Rite Power Short Auxiliary Suspension Belt, Continuous Waist, Universal Side




  • Knit-Rite used a thin and porous material to keep you cooler
  • Power Short offers increased comfort and look without a Velcro closure waist
  • Optional Adjustable leg closure allows this belt to conform better to your socket shape
  • Active lifestyles will benefit from a tighter sensation from its continuous waist configuration
  • Universal side
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold individually in a polybag

The Knit-Rite Power Short Auxiliary Suspension Belt with a continuous (Velcro-less) waist configuration meets the demands of those individuals looking for an AK Belt that is more cosmetic and offers higher function. When Knit-Rite decided to design a suspension belt without a Velcro waist closure they sought to create a belt for active users. By removing a Velcro closure the belt always remains closed and offers a greater sensation of stability. If you opt for the non-stretch Velcro leg closure then you have the ability to match the taper or angle of your socket. This creates greater prosthetic socket containment by the belt, leading to better suspension for active lifestyles. Users of the plain leg Power Short usually invert the silicone leg section and slide the belt up both legs similar to putting on a pair of shorts. This requires the ability to manage sliding a tight fitting leg section over the prosthesis, as well as the ability to maintain balance and knee stability while pulling the belt section over the knees and hips. The Adjustable Leg option may be indicated in situations where ability to place your leg on is an issue, or a foam thigh cover poses a challenge for repeat donning.


68% Nylon, 25% Spandex, 3% Polyester, 2% Silicone, 1% Ester, 1% Rubber (rubber is in leg elastic only)

Care Instructions

Close leg Velcro is applicable, hand or machine wash cool, no bleach and air dry. No ironing.

Quick Sizing Tip

The wearable stretch/compression range of the Power Short Auxiliary Suspension Belt is up to 8–10" in the waist and hip, depending on size and your preference. Most amputees prefer a size selection that creates 4–6" of stretch when worn for normal activity. Higher activity users may benefit from a tighter fit, while some individuals prefer as little as 2" of stretch, especially when other benefits such as rotation control, are the main goal. Some prosthetic users prefer a looser belt for daily activities, and a more secure belt for more active interests. Others prefer the cosmetic and comfort benefits of the Power Short, but like the adjustability of the Power Belt Auxiliary Suspension Belt during times of varied activity.


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