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Juzo Dynamic Varin Soft-In AK Shrinker with Hip Band

by Juzo USA



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  • Smooth interior for sensitive, post-operative residual limbs
  • Stay-put band with silicone border
  • two-way stretch elasticity that provides excellent fit and natural freedom of movement
  • Helps minimize phantom pain
  • Standard hip attachment belt to prevent sliding off when sleeping
  • 20-30mmHg compression for amputations
  • Flat and non-irritating and bottom toe seam
  • Fits either Left or Right Above Knee Amputation
  • Sold individually in a polybag
Juzo Dynamic Varin Soft-In AK Shrinker with Hip Band has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 4 reviews.

Juzo Varin Prosthetic Above Knee shrinker can be used as a substitute for bandaging or figure 8 wrapping and is designed to control swelling after an amputation. It’s not uncommon post amputation surgery to place a Juzo Prosthetic Shrinker over gauze bandages covering your suture line. Prosthetic shrinkers are commonly used in “limb maturation” and can be considered yet another tool to minimize phantom pain. Juzo AK shrinker has two-way stretch elasticity that provides excellent fit and natural freedom of movement. Juzo AK Prosthetic Shrinkers are fairly smooth inside reducing any discomfort when applying this shrinker to overly sensitive recent amputations. To prevent snags when applying your shrinker, use a fitting lotion.  Made of synthetic elastomers, this judo shrinker is resistant to sun, ointments, lotions and perspiration.


Polyamide and Elastane

Directions for Use

Juzo recommends that you consult with your Prosthetist for proper guidelines on the use and application of this product. As therapy progresses or new symptoms develop, it may be necessary to take new measurements for a new smaller shrinker. First, turn the shrinker inside out, except for its end part. Second, take the shrinker, folded over itself, in both hands and slip it over your residual limb. Third, turn the shinker back and pull it evenly over your limb. Now work the whole shrinker gradually upwards, smoothing out any wrinkles, with the palm of your hand. Important, never pull at the upper edge of your prosthetic shinker.

Care Instructions

Juzo recommends hand or machine wash warm daily to maximize therapeutic effectiveness and prolong the life of your Juzo BK Prosthetic Shrinker. When machine washing and drying, use the lowest permanent press settings. Do not use bleach, chlorine, fabric softeners or any other laundry additives.


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