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Hosmer Prosthetic Driving Ring Attachment

Hosmer Prosthetic Driving Ring Attachment

by Hosmer Dorrance



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  • Swivel ring has a 2 cm inside diameter
  • Offers a secure driving option for bilateral Below Elbow amputees
  • Secures to steering wheel with a clamp
  • Made in the USA
  • Body of ring is made out of Aluminum
  • Portion that a user holds onto with their prosthetic attachment is Stainless Steel covered with white coated plastisol.
  • Delrin inside the ring helps grip onto the steering wheel

The Hosmer Driving Ring Attachment is another tool, or in today’s world, another “app” to make your upper extremity device more functional. The Hosmer Driving Ring simply attaches to your steering wheel with a clamping mechanism. This is essentially a steering wheel spinner ring for arm amputees that is intended for use on Automobile steering wheels, boat tillers, aircraft controls, and most bicycles. The side of the clamp has a rubber surface for a secure grip and the swivel ring is coated in plastic with an inside 2 cm measurement.


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