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ESP Flexisleeve Suction Suspension Sleeve, Neoprene, Tan & Black Colors

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ESP Flexisleeve Suction Suspension Sleeve, Neoprene, Tan & Black Colors



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  • Flexisleeve Suction Suspension Sleeves are preflexed at 43° for maximum comfort and freedom of comfort
  • Strong and durable neoprene construction with excellent stretch
  • Not intended for Vacuum Systems
  • Highest quality material is specially coated to prevent cracking, crumbling
  • Provides a seal for suction sockets that contain a Below Knee one-way valve
  • 3/16" thick latex-free neoprene
  • Textured interior for a secure suction suspension system
  • Available in Tan and Black; Brown not available at this time

Engineered Silicone Products (ESP) designed the Flexi Suction Suspension Sleeves with the moderate to high activity individual in mind. What differentiates this Transtibial suspension sleeve is its special coating to prevent early deterioration and a textured interior for improved grip and suspension. Coupled with a 43 degree pre-flexed position, should make completing your 25 mile cycling trip your only concern. Installation and removal of this prosthetic sleeve is relatively easy due to the latex-free neoprene material having plenty of stretch. Flexisleeve Suction Suspension ESP sleeves are great for below-the-knee amputees that want to use this sleeve as a secondary means of suspension during high activity events.  Combine with Knit-Rite's Sleeve Saver and this ESP sleeve will last you months.


Latex-free neoprene sleeve

Care Instructions

Wash with soap and cool water and rinse thoroughly as soap residue can lead to dermatitis. Air dry or lay flat on a towel. Do not use excessive heat. Do not use solvents or chlorine bleach.


Rubber manufacturer’s warning: Amputees with known susceptibility to dermatitis or with broken skin should avoid contact with this material. Anyone who develops skin irritation after contact with this material should discontinue its use immediately and consult a Physician or Prosthetist. Do not wear suspension sleeve while sleeping or if you have circulatory problems.


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