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Comfort Ultra-Fit Filler Prosthetic Sock, 1 Ply, 6 Pack

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Comfort Ultra-Fit Filler Prosthetic Sock, 1 Ply, 6 Pack



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  • Exceptional stretch helps conform to irregular shapes, including Symes and Chopart amputations
  • Grab a scissors and customize sock length to your preference
  • Knitted toe pocket with minimal side seam lessens skin irritation from seams
  • Full one ply thickness on all styles of these spacer/filler socks
  • Nylon reinforced toe for added durability
  • Available in AK amputee, BK amputee, Arm amputee  & Pediatric versions
  • Available sizes fit approximately 90% of limbs
  • Sold in packages of 6 spacer socks
  • Made in USA

The Comfort Ultra-Fit Filler Amputee Sock is a prosthetic sock intended to for use when you are in-between a standard sock ply and simply need a filler (1 Ply) sock. When you examine this sock it will become immediately apparent how soft and stretchy Comfort Products designed this prosthetic filler sock. The extra stretch will conform to nearly any residual limb shape and the knitted toe pocket will lessen any heavy seams common with other socks for amputees. The Ultra Fit Filler Sock's special knitting allows the standard 18" length to be cut shorter without the fear of running or unravelling. The Cotton and Lycra construction, along with Comfort Products unique finishing processes make the Ultra-Fit Filler Spacer Amputee Sock extremely soft.


Cotton and Lycra construction

Care Instructions

Wash your Comfort Ultra-Fit Amputee Sock every day. Machine wash with all purpose detergent similar to Woolite. Rinse thoroughly and pull taut, toe to top. No liquid softeners. Last tumble dry, low heat.


Wear a clean sock every day for proper residual limb care.

Comfort Socks Product Numbers
Amputation Level Comfort Product Number
BK Amputee CUFH
Arm Amputee CUFA


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