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Comfort Half Sock SoftWick CoolMax Stretch Stump Sock

by Comfort Products



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  • Solves common issues with looseness along the bottom for new amputees
  • Stop cutting old socks that may unravel and interfere with other prosthetic components
  • 4 sizes available will fit most people
  • Lycra and CoolMax construction accommodates irregular shapes
  • Sold each in poly bag
  • Made in USA
Comfort Half Sock SoftWick CoolMax Stretch Stump Sock has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 4 reviews.

The Comfort SoftWick Half Sock is a prosthetic sock intended for use when you experience that familiar “bell clanging” sensation along the bottom end. The SoftWick Half Sock will eliminate complications associated with cutting old socks, such as unraveling or skin irritation from the cut end of the sock. Comfort constructed the Half Sock with enough Lycra to allow for many residual limb shapes, as well as CoolMax to wick moisture. The Comfort SoftWick Half Sock is available in 2 lengths, 3 in (7.6 cm) and 6 in (15.2 cm).


CoolMax and Lycra construction

Care Instructions

Wash your Comfort SoftWick Half Sock every day. Machine wash with all purpose detergent similar to Woolite. Rinse thoroughly and pull taut, toe to top. No liquid softeners. Last tumble dry, low heat.


Wear a clean sock every day for proper residual limb care.


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