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AMPU-BALM AntiChafing Balm

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AMPU-BALM AntiChafing Balm



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  • Please review Resilience Prosthetic Salve as a temporary replacement for Ampu-Balm
  • Great for skin aliments from chaffing to heat rashes to calloused areas
  • Ampu-balm is a patented formulated skin care product for Amputees
  • Safe for use with all amputee supplies including prosthetic liners, sleeves and amputee socks
  • Made in the USA
  • sold each


Mutton Tallow, Paraffin, Benzyl Alcohol, Fragrance

Directions for Use

Ampu-balm is applied similarly to skin lotion or moisturizers. Apply a thin layer directly to any irritated areas for around the clock protection. Place a small amount sufficient in size to spread 1/8” (3 mm) thick over your area of discomfort. This will help protect the abrasion from further chafing or irritation. Apply your socks or prosthetic liner over the Ampu-balm.


Store in a controlled temperature (59-86f degrees)


Associated Content| Health & Wellness July 01, 2009 "Physicians Formula for Residual Limb Irritation If you are an amputee and are experiencing a rash, irritation, prickly heat or any other type of skin distress from your silicone liner, Ampu-Balm may be your saving grace. Some irritations come from a bacterial infection, others may be the result of soap that was not properly washed off the liner. Ampu-Balm is one of only a handful of products expressly made for amputees to apply to the skin and don their prosthesis. It will not cause any breakdown of the liner and it washes off both the skin and sleeve easily.

After using various triple antibiotics when I would get an irritation I finally gave in and asked around about Ampu-Balm. After having no luck at local pharmacies I contacted my prosthetist and asked him about it. He agreed that it was one of the best products for amputees but warned me about the smell. Ampu-Balm is made of mutton tallow, paraffin, benzyl alcohol and 'fragrance'.

As the days get hotter and hotter I am slowly starting to hate my prosthetic and carbon fiber socket. It heats up in a matter of minutes and the itching can be crippling. With that comes prickly heat and a rash. Left untreated there is always a chance of blistering and that means you can't wear your prosthetic. Ampu-Balm is made to protect the irritated area as well as help soothe the pain and itch. You do not need a prescription to obtain this product but it can be extremely hard to find.

You apply Ampu-Balm as you would any other cream. A thin layer that covers the irritated area is all you need for all-day protection. You can use this on a daily basis but I would not suggest using it every single day. If you have a recurring problem with irritation you may want to change the type of soap you are using to clean your liner or contact your doctor to see if they can do a skin sample to see if there is another reason for the breakout. This should only be used on the area of the residual limb that is irritated."


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